Comparable to the Warcraft RPG masterpiece : Sword Saga comprehensive review

Sword Saga is a comparable PC World of Warcraft on a 3D the Best Browser RPG Game that requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4 and iPad hardware can run , do not support the generation of the second generation , oh. Game fully supports iPhone 4 Retina display and iPad HD resolution.

The role-playing game total of humans, elves , trolls three different races to choose from, Warrior, Rogue , Ranger , Mage four kinds of career , reputation system , acquisition systems , weapons systems , production systems , swimming, fishing, Firefly so readily available . 3D perspective , the picture is beautifully detailed , map of the scene in different styles , the music sounds very hard, style and game system quite some shadow of World of Warcraft , I believe that this section works will bring players an unprecedented gaming experience.

[ Game Interface ]

A very simple interface into the game to continue the game , start a new game and set .Background leaves swirl , people have begun to start looking forward to the game screen .

The first line is to choose the control to adjust the picture detail selection , sound switchControl interface can set the screen orientation , left, perspective , Y direction virtual joystick angle adjustment , auto-attack switch Of which there are three perspectives , the first one is a first -person perspective , and the second is a third-person perspective , the perspective is automatically adjusted when the characters move , and the third is a third-person perspective , the perspective is fixed , you can change the viewing angle of the screen slide vacated .

I would rather recommend the last one, of course, this depends on personal habits Select the game difficulty , in order to facilitate the evaluation, we chose casual friends – like the challenge it difficult to choose a friend Select Races: Human , Elf , TrollThen the next page of the same length , sex selection Select Classes: Warrior , Rogue, Ranger , MageHere I first chose the Master , the game’s easy to see the effect of ~ mage skills should be the most obvious effect of it ~ Personalities settings, you can choose hairstyles , hair color , facial patterns.

Zoom lens can pull the top right corner of the distanceFinally, enter a name for the role , the character on the establishment of complete it And then some fine opening animation , you can skip , but the first play, then take a look at the proposal is still , after all, will depend on the story RPG thing – but the animation is also very beautiful ~Players enjoy entering the

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