City of Steam: Arkadia


City of Steam,tarayıcı tabanlı, ücretsiz, çevrimiçi bir 3 boyutlu MMORPG oyunu, buhar teknolojisi ve gizemli büyünun bir araya geldiği muazzam fantastik endüstriyel bir evrende yer almaktadır. Saat mekanizmaları, buhar mühendislikleri, yanma reaksiyonları ve havadan hafif flojistonlar,Dünya Makinesindeki İnsan, Elf ve Yeşil Derili’ler oluşan çeşitli ırkların yeni zirvelerini ve derinliklerini zorlamakta.


Armor Edit

There are four types of armor in City of Steam: Arkadia. These types are Plate, leather, Volt and Robe. Each type of armor can only be used by one class.

Weapons Edit

Each class has its own specific weapon types. Warders use Axes and swords. Gunners use guns, Arcanists use Arcane weapons and Channelers use Divine. Formerly, Arcane weapons were noted as wands.

Consumables Edit

There are not many consumables in City of Steam. The main consumable in City of Steam is perhaps the health potion. With them it is possible to solo dungeons and they are almost overpowered.


Collectables Edit

Collectables are items which one can add to collections. There are many collections in the Nexus, and each of them gives a different bonus.

Some view about City of Steam: Arkadia from players:

1、  City of Steam: Arkadia is a steampunk MMORPG with many features and much to explore,just like Sword saga. I like the setting, story and music a lot, and so far I have been able to play without paying for all the reasonably good items like in many other Free2Play games. I think characters should have voices and better personalities though, it feels somewhat blank to just read dialogue text and look at a silent character. Graphics aren’t too great, but they certainly aren’t bad either.


2、I can’t recommend this game basically because I didn’t like MMORPG actually but more disappointing it is when you see so much “recharge” or “p2win” like it is. I must admit that I prefer to pay MMORPG subscription with all than a f2p with p2win.

Good and original in his theme (steampunk world) but 3D very poor, lags and so many p2win and lottery, and recharge, etc.


3、You will be boring in less than 1 hour when you beated the intro at begin .There is also some down points to the game. One massive thing that should not happen in free-to-play games is that you have to pay for in game stuff, with real money. Its called a free-to-play for a reason, I know that the game producers need to make money to pay for the game but this is a huge factor that comes into “city of steam”. If you want to play to try to get to the top of the leaderbord, you need to be really lucky with drops and chests or put your own money into the game. Along with this problem, when you are in the main area you have to put up with the lag that comes with everyone sidekicks and pets just filling the whole of the map. I know that you can fix this problem by tearning off the option to view other players, but I do like to see other people so that I can try to go for new armor and or weapons.

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