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Wartune Game Review : Empire of music played prosperity

Game Name: Wartune

Game Category : Free Games Online

Gaming platform systems : IOS, Android

Preface :

At September 12, 2013 On this day, the original PC version of the online game Wartune smooth landing IOS mobile platform , the highly anticipated fantasy war gaming can finally play with on mobile devices , mobile version Wartune fully as much as the PC version of the giant make , but increased more innovative gameplay , allowing the player on a mobile device can show its mettle . How? Students have instant hot blood boiling up out? Today small will take you to experience a genuineness .

Game description :

Hand travel Wartune is a game developed by Seventh Avenue ‘s a RPG round game, the original PC version of the game is the page ; the game is about the main background of human hero Lord and Heavenly Sword division Ake Pit Lord Balrog Ya Ross after the battle , both heroes and demons disappeared upcoming peace of mankind , but also large tracts of land occupied by aliens , people want a new hero was born, to revive the prosperity of the human empire , at the time of the arrival of this new era , the new chapter will be the player to compose Wartune how the future development of human empire , players need to come up with their own resourcefulness and strength to prove.

Game characters and interface description:

Game characters introduced :There are six games protagonist three career options ;Male and female soldiers : this career soldier is the most prominent and powerful physical attack defense, is a melee fighter role , through physical attack can be the heaviest blow to the enemy , but also has a powerful defense force , is a human shields career.Master men : Master of the main features is the Supreme Court injuries , because they are remote caster , near the enemy before they can be a fatal blow to the enemy , the Master also proficient in a variety of skills and group responses spell damage , spell DPS is a type career. Male and female shooters : Sagittarius Occupation genus physical attack and crit most outstanding role as a remote output , they either attack or walk very outstanding performance, but also good at using their control skills , is a remote DPS career.

The game interface description:

Game animation design a unique, character and NPC with a very Chinese style of painting to depict each character are reflected so cool and handsome , which allows players in the game when more of them into the game world . Construction and field maps of the game design is simple , if it is too cumbersome painting makes it possible for players to see dizziness , small bias still prefer this type of design methods , in play when you can easily build towns, the next copy when you can easily find its way , which for me this is a little small series mild OCD players is no better , hehe.PK game scene is also very beautiful , although slightly rough background field , but the fighting skills of characters and character cast the effect is very beautiful , totally imaginary PC version Wartune, the overall effect, it is still quite a play fan fun oh .

Gameplay Introduction :Towns Built:

Wartune hand travel version , there are many relatively fun gameplay , first building towns , cities and towns use the majority of building structures RPG game play, players need to enhance the role of class in order to build more buildings , in fact, with other RPG hand travel almost need a certain level before they can open an activity or task model , while Wartune is needed to open the building activities of the task , which allows players in the game when not feel dull and boring.

Wartune game’s equipment system is quite characteristic of the first part of the equipment of each are divided into several levels, ranging from the extent of different levels of equipment can be enhanced , the higher the best equipment can strengthen the level , as is much higher , uh … .. well, the tragedy has not burst through the relatively small series Need for equipment , up only six strong , you know , hey . There are a variety of PC play equipment inlaid gemstone drilling , synthesis, purification of , these PC gaming equipment, systems just like the Well , small is feeling very high-end Western style , hand travel can this play , and what could not it? !Wartune fit to play to the crowd: hand travel enthusiasts, gaming enthusiasts, as well as small series like Friends.

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Seventh Avenue Wartune city to open a new map of the sky tour

Seventh Avenue Wartune players before the holidays had been first to experience a new map of the journey.Seventh Avenue after Wartune new maps with the “Laputa ” version open, adds a new map , players will shift the default login location within the city of Laputa , but not before a change in the role of the state , so that players can be better the appreciation of the characters , which also led to the fashionable fashion system.Sky City added a new addition to the scene map map also includes several scenes of the original map of the inner city , like the hero of the door , the arena , reward cards and Arena , additional scenes are the souls of the island , and the souls of exchange Athletic souls .

These seven Teleport constitute the entire map of Laputa . In Sky City scene , enter the following task map icon, you can find the desired delivery point , click to automatically find its way through the track . These scenarios map, can be divided into two categories, one is to have built-in maps of the delivery point , the other is the NPC mission points. Teleport include built-in maps of the island of souls , the souls of athletics , the hero of the door , arena , NPC task points include the market , the souls of the exchange and reward cards.Although the whole sky map of the city is fully open , but there are grade requirements, such as the need for open souls Series 50 player characters . Souls of the island , that the souls of the local senior players arrest . Exchange souls : If players do not like the souls of the currently selected , you can redeem by Alice . Souls Athletics: Through athletics , so the souls of the growth of the value increase , faster completion of incarnation.

Update souls system makes Laputa more features in the new city in the sky map , people everywhere to follow the player beside a variety of colors , a variety of names , the souls of the various growth states , the player wanders around like a UFO , become a beautiful landscape .

In addition, Sky City scene itself is very good, the players walk the meantime, is a pleasant experience. Sky City is like its name , suspended in the air , misty . The whole scene simulation European manor and the town , sometimes visible NPC guards and people have a sense of immersive .Whether it is a beautiful scene Laputa , or open a new beauty handsome NPC, gave us a whole new flavor and feel , so we continue to explore desire. The new map of the journey already take place, are you ready ?

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WartuneV2.25 version first piece of information

Wartune Following V2.2 ” combat power guard ” version , has launched a fighting force upgraded version V2.25 , a lot of new content Madden struck! Fighting force guard, Indiana Jones , the gods of war , guild wars passion still , the Free Games Online game content optimization and upgrading , a lot more easy to get rewards , with the view Wartune V2.25 release has brought us what surprise ?This version is optimized Wartune V2.25 upgrade ” combat power guard ” on the basis of , 441 in the new service area first experience on the line , the game will be optimized according to the recommendations and feedback test run , the most perfect Wartune V2.25 version presented in front of all the players . With the view of the details !

[ New content new experience ]

Wartune every version update will bring new content for players , this updated version is no exception , adding a lot of new play points for players to send summer feast ! First, the increase in the new district and new players exclusive “novice lode ” in order to reward the players brought a lot of activity . As long reach six new players can participate in a “novice lode ” event , find events interface , you can get involved in the activities of rare items. Second , the new random tasks , players in the NPC at the Sky City will randomly receive “Challenge of the Road” or “resource acquisition ” of the task , the former belongs to the trials themselves , challenge their roles mirror , which belong to the class collection task as long as you can into the mine to the task items collected .

Third , for the launch of the new service seven days and novice goals and tasks, guidelines novice can grow , and teach them the game -related operations. It also opened a VIP for VIP exclusive mall , highlighting Wartune distinguished and unique membership ![ Upgrading to enjoy the game ]Launched a new version of the updated content is Wartune tradition , is also upgrading its important content , the Wartune V2.25 version is sparing no effort carried out a radical reform, watching the details !More rational content of this updated version of the game for many game content has been adjusted , including tasks related adjustments and adjustments to daily activities .

On tasks, adjust the main quest, canceled two copies of the task , a copy of the cancellation of more than repeat the task , but the reward is doubled. In the novice collection tasks , reducing the acquisition time for the task is completed more quickly . Optimize the ring task , skip the use of tied drill tips, and reduces the task of killing the number and corresponding consumption. On daily activities , the adjusted twice that day to enter the battlefield text tips to make it more appropriate and reasonable . Increase the number of people entering the copy , the copy while reducing optical crystal chest open VIP consumption..

The game rewards more lucrative reward Wartune V2.25 version also made ​​many adjustments to increase the pre- novice experience and improve the quality of the equipment , the new ” imperial crusade order” to increase the number of copies . Adjust the line packs , the first charge packs , cumulative recharge packs , adds a number of awards. In addition , in order to meet the arrival of the new version , as well as limited selling mall , discounts !Full optimization and upgrading , more perfect gaming experience ! Wartune V2.25 version piece of information for the players to bring a lot of new content , more intimate gaming operation, more interesting gameplay . Exclusive VIP Mall , novice welfare continued, more lucrative rewards waiting for you to come and collect !

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Wartune popular Free Games Online games

Wartune is a popular Free Games Online games are played Annual inventory ! Battle of the Gods , the souls of athletics , Daimon trials, trials of the tower ? Which is your favorite ? Which is to capture the hearts and minds of countless players play popular ? Wartune year-end inventory , large collecting popular play , not to be missed !

No.1 Battle of the Gods

Battle of the Gods has been able to become one touted by the players play, with its strong competitive, high interactivity are not unrelated. Although the Battle of the Gods is a master of match-ups of the stage, but all players can participate in the quiz , while enjoying the players to play against a side bet to support Ares his mind . As long as you are the chosen one to win , you can easily win the award. Champions can not only get the glory , reward , but also to bring suit where the gain buff, the benefit of a full service players ! So both sports, watch , wealth play, how can people not love !

No.2 souls athletics

Competitive athletics is an upgraded version of the souls of the souls of play , but also to show the players strategizing battlefield capabilities. Athletics is not so much the souls of the martyrs property PK, as it is the strategy contest between players . Players can train before the game for the souls of the properties , with souls , with adjustments formation , each point change may directly alter the final results of the competition . Most of the players personally souls are captured , a little bit of training together , just as his own child-like . What if the parents do not want their children to succeed at home , become the focus of everyone ‘s attention ? Small partners to quickly take your souls right out of Bibi , Xiu Xiu who cultivate the highest skills , who’s even better strategy !

No.3 Daimon trials

Daimon trials allow small partners can not forget the reason , I am afraid that with its fast-paced, real-time micro bursting tension related. Although only 30 minutes per game , but it takes less than a long hard-fought effort . Daimon trials and only golf player’s individual ability micromanagement , referring to the speed , but the test is the immediate tactical coordination among team members . Players in their own battle , we must also take into account teammates cover each other to really windy Daimon trials .

No.4 trials Tower

Unlike other popular games are played , the trials of the tower is a tacit emphasize team more than a copy . Professional players within the team , lineup , using have a very high skill requirements . In addition , in the copy , the player will get Guardian Shield , Psalm of Life , violent , four kinds of sacred Nirvana gain buff, buff fair use can effectively improve the team fighting force .Small partners , which play popular king is in your heart , if you already have the answer to it? Love magic wind small partners who quickly joined Wartune, finding your favorite popular play it!

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Wartune Free Games Online is a popular game: great fun

Wartune hand tour not only has a sense of tension , a sense of double good operation of QTE gameplay more fun witty and funny play, so the game a degree of relaxation . Grilled open today depth , bring you a taste of strange new Wartune is a Free Games Online and from different angles. The original, hand tour also so fun !

[ San Queyi about it? - Daimon trials ]

Daimon trials, is Wartune the PVP play , opening two games a day for half an hour per game. After the start of the game , eight players will be divided into two opposing camps . In order to avoid the embarrassment of San Queyi not appear cool to play . Players advance appointment based Friends , composed of teams, just waiting for the beginning of the game immediately reached the stadium, kill opponents , Daimon famous stadium.Of course you want to play cool , in addition to a fixed team , the familiar rules of play , with senior Daimon is also very important. In the game, will be randomly refreshed attack props and props on the map. Players can grab a kill props, get attack, defense buff, coupled with precise movements, quick release skills , enjoy the fun of real-time combat .

[ Collect no less than control stop - the souls of the system ]

A game , a variety of types of experience, this is Wartune hand tour . In the game, players can not only personally manipulate figures to fight, but also to experience a variety of the collection of play, which is undoubtedly the most dazzling souls systems. Players can mad child in the souls of the island of various mobs , get different kinds of souls , so that you love to collect sinking heart was filled to the brim . And Wartune souls not only look good, can be collected , but also fight PK!

Souls can follow the player to play together , to bring combat bonus for the players , but also the release of skills to enhance the thrill of the fight . In addition, there are the souls of the souls of their own arena , no player controls , auto- PK. Players can hold large popcorn , enjoy the souls of the fight, waiting for their souls corps topped !

[ Money does not hurt to talk about feelings - marriage system ]

Tired of fighting , kick souls , dry Diansha good? It is better to talk about a love . “The new Divine Comedy” marriage system that will allow players to enjoy the train from love to marriage experience. Nature is to spend some money to get married , but little investment, will bring big returns. Both Outrageous , but also access to special marriage skills to enhance fighting chance of winning. And players can challenge married marriage mission to win more awards.

 Most importantly, the players can hold weddings, offered his congratulations to the players issued candy , and can take a horse-drawn carriage around the city in the sky , a single child abuse dogs, let them hate envy envy . Of course, the players will not attend the ceremony in vain , to pick up the scene of candy and other props will be able to reap rewards.

Wartune fun gameplay make you heart it? Rushed to download mobile games Wartune, more exciting gameplay unexpected bright burst your eyes , but also enjoy fingertip zoom trick micromanagement battle Shuangkuaigan !

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“Wartune” warrior skills plus point and point the disc

Wartune online games for the Raiders or more full- time for you to take a look at our website to update all aspects of preparation , so you can learn more about this online Divine Comedy , better known Divine Comedy game related skills. Today mainly to talk about the warrior skills to explain the Divine Comedy .

Wartune warrior skills plus points the whole explanation. The Divine Comedy as one of three career soldiers in the game , with more prominent than the Master and post- combat shooter , yet their skills mage skills gorgeous , but not less than the high scorer of the outbreak , so the analysis becomes for those warrior skills determined to play good soldier shoes are a compulsory course.

A . Zhanji

Consuming anger : +5 Players Comments : Before the mid indispensable skills, first shortest cooldown also save anger , or a copy of the daily usage pk is the highest, but also affect the future of the skill tree plus points , the proposed point over. In addition there is a chance to have a talent emerge after 50 attack bonus .

II. Trueshot

Consuming anger : -10 Players Comments : daily output of the second skill , considerable up the knife essential for pk and card boss are essential, strong strike fighter has been throughout his career player of the game , then take a runaway line early interception or Seal after a strong blow over interference for anti-matter weak archers and mages really a nightmare, after the late talent upgrade efforts can consume additional bonus damage .

III. God esoteric attack

Consuming anger : -80 Players Comments : Output impressive first big move , if with considerable offensive moves in pk domineering enough to deter others and copy people in worship , playing World boss and general copy commonly used.

If you take a copy of the anger sets of routes can be considered double esoteric , later playing the same level of opponent is stress-free .Four . Fury HeartPassive Skills Players Comments : You must fill , do not explainV. combat skills proficientPassive Skills Players Comments : The same must be filled , and are not explained.

If our fans want to know more Divine Comedy Divine Comedy soldiers plus point experience please note the following related articles on our website presentation, here is the Wartune Official Website:


Wartune its rich gameplay, allowing players to relish

Wartune is a relatively complex play games, role-playing and war strategy game play integration of newcomers system made very high demands. It Wartune still very good, pre-novice tutorial very long time, so that players can fully understand Wartune huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity through a variety of gameplay that appears, make the players do not get bored .

Wartune tells Jaroslaw Balrog is headed back into the abyss Legion launched frenzied attack on the human empire Yala Man, the human empire has suffered heavy casualties, large tracts of barren land, barren. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord Balrog Jaroslaw eliminate the task of picking up, with the town of the country artifact of human empire

The legendary Sword of all human hope Wartune seven pieces, one foot on the journey. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord’s battle with the Balrog Jaroslaw disappears with their colleagues at the end, who do not know where the fighting process and results. Wartune legend of this era will be starring you, whether they can revive the human empire players decide their own strength and resourcefulness.

The role-playing and war strategy combining Wartune play is the most prominent feature, players not only to raise the level of their role, but also continue to improve their city’s main building, through the recruitment of different types of soldiers to finish the fight with their roles. Like most of its war strategy games are played the game, but in Wartune, the hero played by the player himself.

Wartune performance sound in the game is also perfect, will be a different game scenarios with different music and sound, giving a feeling of being there. Sometimes magnificent, sometimes perilous. Even prolonged listening to the music player will not produce sound auditory fatigue, showing the quality of their background music is very high.

Wartune screen performance was perfect, whether it is the game’s character or scene in the plants and trees are vividly portrayed, it is easy to imagine the game developer put in the game screen. Wartune with a realistic visual style, characters aspects through advanced 3D technology to turn 2D character looks quite real, with the role of the facelift system, players will constantly want to upgrade their character level to get more sophisticated equipment to beautify themselves role.

Wartune summary

Huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity to appear for a variety of gameplay

Wartune increased the number of the game, the end of a successful tour page also created a large number of players Wartune make hand tour ends outset have a lot of players. The word of mouth is good, the screen fine, rich gameplay hand travel masterpiece does not play real pity.

Wartune is the Free Games Online and welcome to the Wartune Official Website: