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Win an Ipad Pro in Proficient City’s Christmas Connection Event

When we set foot in white December many of us start to prepare for the upcoming holiday. Some like to start get their scrapbook ready, others begin to plan their family dinner.


As for Proficient City, they’ve started to prepare some gifts for all of the Wartune, DDTank, Eternal Fury and Legend Knight players. They’re holding a contest, where you can share pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying a delicious Christmas ham, unwrapping gifts, or having fun playing their games. The most popular picture will receive an amazing Christmas present: an iPad Pro!


It’s pretty easy to participate, all you have to do is head to the official website at Christmas Connection, then post a photo that you think other people will enjoy. They’ve got a few categories, best tree, cutest Christmas pet, best Christmas selfie, or best gift, plus a random ‘post whatever you want as long as it has to do with Christmas’ category.

Besides the iPad Pro they’re also giving away some gift cards, a USB drive featuring the mascot from one of their games – DDTank, as well as some in-game goodies. To top it off they’ve got some limited-edition postcards that have a secret message if you can combine all 6.

If you don’t feel like sharing pictures from your life, you can also take some screenshots of the event and post them on your Facebook page or your Instagram with #ChristmasConnection and for the chance to win some other rewards.

Who doesn’t like to brag about their life a bit? Share some photos, maybe win an iPad. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Click to join Christmas Connection event:

Facebook Page:

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DDTank Mobile Community

DDTank Community

Eternal Fury Community

Legend Knight Community


Make your Christmas Connections with Proficient City

Christmas is about connections. It’s about meeting and eating and laughing.
Proficient City would like you to share photos from your life, and connect with players around the world this holiday. That’s why they’ve decided to hold their #ChristmasConnections event, and give away an iPad Pro.

How do people connect?
They use bells, dolls, stars, and stockings to decorate their Christmas trees.
They share gifts with friends and family, and see the joy of their loved ones when the gifts are opened.
They dress up their pets in silly costumes, and give them silly gifts.
They get together with loved ones and take beautiful or ridiculous selfies, so the world can see how lucky they are.
On this special occasion you’ll be taking photos to help you remember these wonderful moments. Why not share your photos with some of your favorite games?

Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury would like to help you enjoy the holiday by giving you the chance to share pictures of you and your family enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner, unwrapping gifts or having fun playing our games. They’ll be setting up a few categories for their Christmas Connection contest, but any and all photos will be accepted as long as they have something to do with the holidays. Let the world see the joy that Christmas brings you.

Post your photos on the official contest website for the chance to win a special Christmas gift: an iPad Pro! You choose the color, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world. They’ve also prepared lots of other gifts, including iTunes, Google Play and Visa Gift Cards, and some limited edition postcards.

The contest will be starting soon, so start taking pictures! For more news please visit the official Facebook page of your favorite game.

Event website:

Duration: 2015/12/14-2015/12/29

Thank you for supporting Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury.

Wartune Breaking News – The Elemental Forests

Wartune Breaking News-The Elemental Forest

The Elemental Forest has two difficulty levels: Normal and Nightmare. Like all other dungeons, Elemental Forest can be found in the Hall of Heroes. Class advancement must be completed in order for you to enter the dungeon. Players may only enter the dungeon once per day.


Boss I: Water Spirits, Cylon and Anze

Cylon – Physical Immunity

Anze – Magical Immunity

Players must defeat both in the same turn, otherwise the boss which was defeated will be revived by the other in the next turn, restoring it to 100% HP.


Boss II: One of the following: [Fire] Laise, [Wind] Raylan or [Electro] Barao

[Fire] Laise: Deals Chaos to random enemy target, sometimes causing it to deal damage on one of its own members. Laise also decreases the player’s Rage and Awakening points.

[Wind] Raylan: Casts Amnesia on random enemy target, preventing the target from using two skills (including Holy Seals and runes). Raylan also decreases the player’s rage and Awakening points.

[Electro] Barao: Inflicts damage over time and cannot be dispelled. Barao also increases damage with every attack and cannot be dispelled.

Note: The system will spawn the same boss if the player fails to defeat it.


Normal: EXP, synthesis materials for Crest and Halidom, and rare equipment.

Nightmare: EXP, synthesis and upgrade materials for Halidom, and rare equipment.

Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

Wartune Official Website:

Wartune Breaking News – Introduction of Mythic SylphsGuild Beasts And Purgatory Maze

Wartune - Free Brower Online Game , Let’s take a look at what’s the update:

Wartune Breaking News – Introduction of Mythic Sylphs Guild Beasts And Purgatory Maze

How to Obtain:

Mythic Sylphs can be obtained after a second refinement

Second Refinement Requirements:

1. A Lvl. 80+ Legendary Sylph that has already been refined.

2. Refinement materials: Moon Rock and Moon Dust. Light & Dark Sylphs require additional Divinity Stones.


Required Items:

1. A single second refinement consumes:

Moon Dust x500 (Obtained through the Monthly event.)

Moon Rock x500 (Obtained through theMonthly event.)

2. Refining Light & Dark Sylphs will require additional 500 Divinity Stones (Obtained through the Monthly event.).

3. Enchanting or upgrading Sylphs to legendary quality or above requires Adv. Sepulcrum and Adv. Mahra.



 Guild Beasts

Guild Requirements

In order to unlock the Guild Beast, your guild must be at least level 6.

Participation Requirements

1. Players must be level 55 or higher.

2. Players must carry at least one active Sylph.

3. Players must enter alone, parties are not allowed to enter.

Note: Players can participate in this event multiple times; however will only be rewarded once per day.


1. The guild leader can summon the Guild Beast once per day. Summoning resets at 5:00 AM every day.

2. Summoning the Guild Beast consumes Guild Wealth. Different Guild Beasts consume different amounts of Guild Wealth.




1. Players may carry one or more active Sylphs and may select any Sylph for battle. They may also set the battle formation and skill orders.

2. Players enter the battle with full Awakening Points, which are consumed when using skills.

3. The Guild Beast will appear shortly after it has been summoned. It will disappear if players do not defeat it within 30 minutes.



1. The Guild Beast can be upgraded with Warpath which can be cultivated with Daru. The higher the level of the Guild Beast, the better the rewards.

2. The guild leader can select the Guild Beast’s level when summoning it.




1. Ranking: Points will be earned based on damage dealt to the Guild Beast. Ranking rewards will be distributed to participants accordingly.

2. Top 3: The top 3 players will receive additional rewards.

3. Defeated: All participants will receive extra rewards when successfully defeating the Guild Beast.

4. Final Hit: The player to deal the final blow to the Guild Beast will be rewarded with a special title.


Condition Ranking Top 3 Kill Final Hit
Reward Fang of Fear Golden Holy Water Golden Holy Water, Crystal Shard Special Title


New item – Fang of Fear – Used to exchange for rare items in the Adv. Guild Shop.



Each character can only redeem Guild Beast rewards once per day.

Players must remain in the guild throughout the event to receive their rewards.


Q: If I switch to another guild when my initial guild has already summoned the Guild Beast, can I take part in the event with my new guild?

A: As long as you did not participate in the event with your original guild, you may take part in the event with your new guild and receive rewards.


Q: How do you upgrade the Guild Beast level and what are the benefits of upgrading it?

A: The Guild Beast can be upgraded with Warpath which can be cultivated with Daru. The higher the level of the Guild Beast, the better the rewards.

Q: Is it normal that my Awakening Points are full when I enter the Guild Beast battle?

A: This is normal. Players enter the battle with full Awakening Points, which are consumed when using skills.

Q: I’m level 55. Why am I unable to enter the Guild Beast battle?

A: All participants must carry at least one active Sylph and must not be in a party to enter the event.


Purgatory Maze

Challenge yourself in the all-new Purgatory Maze and receive rare rewards! Players may enter Purgatory Maze by clicking on it in the Forgotten Catacombs panel. The maze has 30 levels in total and may only be entered once a day.

Entry Requirements

1. Cleared Lvl. 100 of the Forgotten Catacombs.

2. Completed Class Advancement.

3. Purgatory Key x3 will be consumed upon every entry.


1. Clearing each level drops various rewards.

2. Clearing every 5 levels drops even rarer rewards.

3. Rewards include Gem Synthesis Formulas, Vulcan’s Stoves, Crystal Shards, Will Crystals, and Resistance Crystals.

Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

Wartune Official Website: