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Ares Joins in the Zeus Age Cosplay Extravaganza!


Who Am I? I’m the most Ares-tingly handsome of the gods, that’s who I am. I give you Ares-on to live. And I’m super excited about Ares-ent Zeus Age event!

That’s right, the Zeus Age Cosplay Extravaganza is going strong. This time we’ve got Xitou Lee dolled up in his finest….bicycle helmet and mop. It took him 15 minutes to make, but he’s mighty proud to show it off! We’d love to see if you can make something even more spectacular! Or worse, we’d love to see worse. In fact, the worse it is the more we laugh, so do it well or do it terribly, but make sure you get your Zeus Age Cosplay ready!


When your video is complete you can post it in the comments on our Facebook Fan Page, or send it to us through a Facebook message. If we like your video we’ll be sure to share it with the world (or not if you, ya know, don’t want us to). Start your acting career here!


Add us on Twitter while you’re at it – @PCL_ZeusAge – and check out the Proficient City Limited Youtube channel for even more amazing videos!

The event is only on for a short time, so get your video ready now, and make sure to have fun!

There’s a few rules, so check them out before you do anything crazy.

★★Send us a picture or video of you in your favorite Zeus Age Cosplay, along with your Account ID and server, to receive a mysterious gift.
★★Anyone who sends in a video or picture will receive rewards! We will post any of the videos or pictures that we think are super-duper awesome.
★★Rewards will be sent within 5 working days of the end of the event via the in-game mail system.

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The Zeus Age Cosplay Extravaganza

Zeus Ageis a cross-platform battle-RPG based on Europe’s complex mythology. The game pulls the most powerful beings from the winding twists of ancient and medieval history, and weaves them together to create a rich world ripe for ancient gods and monsters to… just smash each other in the face! Zeus, Thor, Poseidon, the Hydra, and many more heroes come together to duke it out – Zeus Age style.

And best of all, Zeus Age isn’t just available on iOS and Android – you can play on Facebook as well! Log into the same account for special bonuses and simplicity of life. It doesn’t matter if your computer’s dead or you forgot your phone’s password, as long as can get on one of your devices and you’re somewhere that can connect to the internet – the office, your bed, Niagara Falls, or the top of the Empire State Building – you can get your Zeus Age on.

So sexy….


It’s so easy that it’s made some of our staff have go a little… crazy. They decided to make a Cosplay video of some of their favorite Zeus Age heroes! Unfortunately, they’re not very good at it. Look at this ridiculous excuse for a Hera. If it weren’t for those beautiful eyes and that charming smile of his you’d never know he was supposed to be a goddess!

Think you can do better? Log into Zeus Age on Facebook, iOS, or Android, choose your favorite hero, and make your own Cosplay video! Put together your best looking costume, pick up your phone or video camera, and show us what you can do. When you’re totally satisfied you can post it on our Facebook Fan Page for the chance to receive additional prizes. Log in today!

Zeus Age Facebook Play Link:

Zeus Age Facebook Fan Page:

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