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The magical land of new adventures — Legend Knight experience report


The name of the game: Legend Knight

The game type: MMORPG


Legend Knight is a style of massively multiplayer online Cosplay game. It uses virtual Western magical stories as the basis, created a “Agger nice mainland”. Players play a role in the virtual world, as the role of various life and development.



If you are a complete novice, and never played Legend Knight Wiki does not have what friends in the game, so please follow my train of thought to complete your weekend 20 level express road. Now, briefly introduced the 20 stage how to most quickly achieve method.

All people will be born in a novice, you should be very easy to see the head has a yellow exclamation point NPC around this point, and his dialogue will enable you to receive my first task. Be sure to see the task tips, you’ll see what to do, for example, what is strange to kill, kill as many as such. After the completion of the dialogue again to find this man, can gain experience and money. Finish the task is the most efficient way for the novice to upgrade, because Daguai itself can gain experience, completed but also gain experience, such a “win-win” move, strongly recommended!


You can also receive second tasks from the man there, you go to a novice village, now don’t have to rush around, press “M” button to open the map to determine your location now lies. The blue diamond is you, on the map you can see many yellow, they are new village residents, also known as NPC, you can use the map instructions to go there. If you do as I say, at this time you have a level 2.

To the novice village you will find here much more special with yellow exclamation mark can take the task of NPC, these are all you need to complete the task, I suggest you first of all to accept, then each one carefully read, do not think it is a waste of time.

First carefully understanding tasks, for assignment you have planned to have very good help role, you can turn a direction tasks together do fall, and then together also fell, both to save time and improve efficiency

The timely replacement of weapons and equipment is also very important, growth experience mainly by Daguai, kill slow how line, there are a lot of good weapons and armor, another benefit of completing the task was the reward, please pay attention to the timely replacement. Skill is also a need to focus on the part, as you advance in level, can learn the skills are more and more, timely study them, can let you always have a current maximum power.

The use of the skills will consume a lot of mana, do not mean your saved gold, to buy food to eat, eating and playing, upgrade fast. When you have completed all the tasks for new village, congratulations! You have 10 grade.

From the beginning of the 15 class, you can participate in a very interesting online activities – “mushroom”.In the main city to find the “mushroom planting administrator”, from him you can learn how to kind of a “mushroom, mushroom” after the harvest, will be able to get a lot of experience, very tempted to upgrade the grade. This time constant task, tortoise, sun mushroom, to upgrade the level of you is a piece of cake. I wish you all have fun.

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The large empty boring world — “Legend Knight” game review


Legend Knight” this MMORPG game is a new western science fiction as the subject matter of the network game.The game is in the grand historical plot and scene map as a selling point, team PK hit online work.

Operation, the tedious task of traditional.

The game also has the function of automatic routing, but did not achieve today in the game Daguai automatic function. And the mouse need to click two times before it can realize Daguai, or select a monster and then click the shortcut key. In addition to the game’s map without any task tips, although after receiving the mission can automatically find its way, but for the new game player, then the task becomes the biggest problem.


Deja vu two camps

In Legend Knight Wiki, a total of two camp, a camp is human and ELF alliance camp, another is composed of orcs and dwarves of the Horde, two camps belonging to the relationship of mutual hostility.

Race, except the initial property values of different and home to introduce the history of different things, and we have not found what different occupation, because there is no specific discrimination of race and set up camp, only to the relationship.


Legend Knight consumer tips: 30 yuan card =300 diamond

Now the charging items has become the mainstream gaming operator’s operation mode, Legend Knight also uses this way to run the game. It is worth mentioning that, Legend to Knight, gold ore, potions, down to the skill book, brush strange wash sin, transfer book Goods are available in all varieties., whichever is more or less affect game balance. Skill book is inside the more important commodity, light skill book will occupy three position consumption. The amount of consumer of diamonds from 10 to 500 range. Objectively said the consumer price is not high, but because too affect the balance, and not too many subsequent consumption characteristics of content, so the evaluation of members reduced to its evaluation.

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Legend Knight: Holy Knight Raiders add


This time we bring the Legend Knight Paladin plus points in the Raiders

Paladin is in the game, the role of human shields + Daddy’s, point of view and from the professional package of skills, it is definitely in Xiaoqiang Xiaoqiang! Resisting ability strong!


Paladin’s ability to give up treatment, it is a human shields, armor and powerful limits blood, then there life-saving skills, coupled with a taunt skill is definitely home travel, murder, arson, highway robbery, extortion, robbery the best candidates for human shields, etc., rob me, beating on you.

Paladin’s ability to give up treatment, it is a human shields, armor and powerful limits blood, then there life-saving skills, coupled with a taunt skill is definitely home travel, murder, arson, highway robbery, extortion, robbery the best candidates for human shields, etc., rob me, beating on you.


Constitution: Constitution can increase blood volume and recovery speed limit, the speed of recovery is now much aside, the ceiling light to increase the amount of blood is enough to make a human shield crazy …… Such Paladin enough to make every opponent is crazy, statistics, little physical increase blood Paladin 14:00.

Intelligence: Paladin as a wet nurse, in addition to resisting ability super strong, but there is a decent magical abilities, including the treatment of magic and some magic attacks, so mana for Paladin is also an indispensable element only but need not need to see the use of the valuable property of points in it is the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom, in short, can increase intelligence 1:00 12:00 mana, the other unable to estimate.


Potential: For the Paladin, the potential for deadly attacks in addition to the rate increase, but also be able to Paladin additional blood values, but relative to the constitution for this increase on some bad blood, and just does not, a point potential value can only increase blood 5:00, but look at the physical as well as 0.025 deadly, deadly spell on 0.02 bonus, willing to do the Lone Ranger or violent daddy might think about it.

To sum up: easy to see, Paladin Legent Knight Wiki is more advanced than the presence of human shields, I believe at the time of the late hunting BOSS, must ultimately figure Paladin physical violence, it can not lack the presence of violence Daddy, in short, except Paladin particularly prominent human shields outside the ability, or a one size fits all!

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Legend Knight Game: Legend Knight Review


Legend Knight in the game, we experience a new kind of game fun, but there are not enough US, after this test I hope to get some improvements, and give advice!

As 3D games operability Dragon Knight game lost some degree of maneuverability, simple terms when running in character Paladin Death Knight is not hit people.

The characters in the play, as each game has flow figures, but this task scavenger, so I think playing the game physically and mentally tired, headache every day for the material, you can not blame the ease of brush, you can put it another way, the experience improved, put forward a number of restrictions, this seems behind the updates, clear!


Due to the impact of space warfare, I want to give each job skills have joined to fight the dragon, which is only for the dragon, each job has, but as usual mage, ranger advantage significantly! Otherwise the game career badly unbalanced, Ranger will be the most professional game!

Money ran the task, the most depressing is this, from 1-40, deposit 100 000, thought it would not find a place to use the money, the results beat Dragon consumed one hour 20000, requires a lot of a dragon but hit the last face I do not know where the money went, completely disoriented, playing material to brush sweeper, other unions to donate, can be bought without a few good days of deposits hit 2

Dragon day, no more, but also could not find ways to make money!

Smooth feel of the game, 3D games basic sense, the picture is clear, characters move smoothly, which I found in every Legend Knight Wiki, the characters walk slow snail, and the first point somewhat related, can not find the game’s operability, feeling run it can be a little faster, you can change the way walk run feeling, master pull a group of strange, I think he also walked leisurely pleasure are not! Brother occupation movement speed lift, many games are like speed stream career, wrapped me pull!

Skills gorgeous degree bad, but I really like the dragon battle skills, very beautiful, but very awkward on the ground, the Master of the skills really disgusting, let alone other occupations, I hope, after all, the Dragon Knight masterpiece, these details can not be ignored, I think that the war dragon aura feel good, why not put the skills to join a similar aura or something, this is also really looking forward to improvements!

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Dominate Wartune, lord must see


Dominate Wartune,After the players reach 40 can be opened deputy job , you can click directly activate ;

Deputy professional players use existing grade ( ie 80 players to activate occupation is the 80 ) , no equipment , comes with three skill ;

Players between the first free career and vice career switch .


Vice occupational characteristics : body for ice and dark magic attacks ; l provide a level attributes assigned automatically ;Vice vocational skills needed to consume part of the fight against the release point against point consumption: 9 ;There are three kinds of responses to combat point the way : reply by war beast passive skill points by increasing the combat skills of reply ; each round must reply to a certain number of points .

Deputy professional equipment obtained by synthesis in the smithy , and the need to consume Dragon Steel props Interfax two kinds of materials , cost of gold synthesis .Deputy professional equipment can be strengthened, precious stone , the purification , God cast .

Vice occupations require special equipment to change the shape of fashion , otherwise not only increase the property styling change. Main professional equipment special fashion does not change shape .Vice career with the main professional grade sharing fashion .

Vice occupation has its independent talentRole talent points while primary and secondary vocational onset, as players increased 10 point talent and professional talent in the main distribution , when it switched to the deputy job , can be assigned to this 10:00 again , only affects the deputy job allocation results talent , talent does not affect the main occupation .

Deputy professional horse riding in the battle to fight the beast collectively . Vice career always riding posture, can not dismount in battle.Automatically activate after a war beast deputy jobBeast wars bring bonuses are always active in sub- active career Others do not have , nor enjoy their bonusesBattle Beast Enchanted consume animal bones and diamonds ( excluding tied drill ) to upgrade the value of the full blessing to upgrade

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Legend Knight team play: exciting RPG game

In Legend Knight, in addition to the magnificent main quest , players will also encounter such faction crusade to save a copy of Princess story . One copy of the story is not overcome , the player needs to combine with other players in order to successfully complete a copy of the story .

Challenge by the story copy is also often accompanied by generous incentives , through the team a copy of the story , players can train the horse critical items needed , some players even have a chance to get very rare mounts .

In addition to a copy of the team outside , Legend Knight Arena will be launched as a team , the team climbed the tower , and other colorful mercenary mission team tasks . Players get rich rewards in the task , but also can get to know like-minded players .

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