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Win an Ipad Pro in Proficient City’s Christmas Connection Event

When we set foot in white December many of us start to prepare for the upcoming holiday. Some like to start get their scrapbook ready, others begin to plan their family dinner.


As for Proficient City, they’ve started to prepare some gifts for all of the Wartune, DDTank, Eternal Fury and Legend Knight players. They’re holding a contest, where you can share pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying a delicious Christmas ham, unwrapping gifts, or having fun playing their games. The most popular picture will receive an amazing Christmas present: an iPad Pro!


It’s pretty easy to participate, all you have to do is head to the official website at Christmas Connection, then post a photo that you think other people will enjoy. They’ve got a few categories, best tree, cutest Christmas pet, best Christmas selfie, or best gift, plus a random ‘post whatever you want as long as it has to do with Christmas’ category.

Besides the iPad Pro they’re also giving away some gift cards, a USB drive featuring the mascot from one of their games – DDTank, as well as some in-game goodies. To top it off they’ve got some limited-edition postcards that have a secret message if you can combine all 6.

If you don’t feel like sharing pictures from your life, you can also take some screenshots of the event and post them on your Facebook page or your Instagram with #ChristmasConnection and for the chance to win some other rewards.

Who doesn’t like to brag about their life a bit? Share some photos, maybe win an iPad. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Click to join Christmas Connection event:

Facebook Page:

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DDTank Mobile Community

DDTank Community

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Make your Christmas Connections with Proficient City

Christmas is about connections. It’s about meeting and eating and laughing.
Proficient City would like you to share photos from your life, and connect with players around the world this holiday. That’s why they’ve decided to hold their #ChristmasConnections event, and give away an iPad Pro.

How do people connect?
They use bells, dolls, stars, and stockings to decorate their Christmas trees.
They share gifts with friends and family, and see the joy of their loved ones when the gifts are opened.
They dress up their pets in silly costumes, and give them silly gifts.
They get together with loved ones and take beautiful or ridiculous selfies, so the world can see how lucky they are.
On this special occasion you’ll be taking photos to help you remember these wonderful moments. Why not share your photos with some of your favorite games?

Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury would like to help you enjoy the holiday by giving you the chance to share pictures of you and your family enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner, unwrapping gifts or having fun playing our games. They’ll be setting up a few categories for their Christmas Connection contest, but any and all photos will be accepted as long as they have something to do with the holidays. Let the world see the joy that Christmas brings you.

Post your photos on the official contest website for the chance to win a special Christmas gift: an iPad Pro! You choose the color, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world. They’ve also prepared lots of other gifts, including iTunes, Google Play and Visa Gift Cards, and some limited edition postcards.

The contest will be starting soon, so start taking pictures! For more news please visit the official Facebook page of your favorite game.

Event website:

Duration: 2015/12/14-2015/12/29

Thank you for supporting Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury.

‘Thank You’ From DDTank

Thanksgiving has come! Are you ready for the fireworks and the turkey?1

Thanksgiving Day is a day to give thanks for everything we have, a day to reunite with families and friends, and a day to share our happiness with all DDTankers. On this Thanksgiving DDTank wants to send our greetings to all of our players.
Since its launch, DDTank has been supported and favored by many players who are fond of casual competitive games. The accumulative login number is over one million, and daily login number of all severs is more than ten thousand. We are so glad to see players enjoying DDTank worldwide. In DDTank, you can compete with different players. Using easy keyboard controls, you can control your character and tons of fun features!
DDTank has come this far thanks to every DDTanker’s help. To show our gratitude for your long-lasting support, there will be a Black Friday event from 23rd November to 30th November. A lot of items will be sold at large discounts. Do you want to know more about these items? Please follow DDTank’s official website.

For more details, please visit our official site:

Sword Saga – Mercenary Stella

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.


Sword SagaMercenary Stella

Name: Stella

Age: 14

Position: Wizard


Stella is the mysterious girl with half demon bloodline. She is gifted for magic. But she is not familiar with human world and needs to learn more.


Damage: B

Defense: C

Support: B




Fire of Chaos

Stella’s attack will generate Fire of Chaos and deals damage for 5 rounds. It can be stacked up to 30 stacks.


Spirt Power

Release Reap to increase the damage dealt in the following 2 rounds by 20%.


Flame Scythe

Scythe Slash deals extra damage and 1 stack of Fire of Chaos to targets.


Endless Crave

Reap deals extra damage and gives you HP Regen when your HP is lower than 50%.


Inside Blast

Chaos Strike deals extra damage to target. The lower the target’s HP is, the greater the damage will be.


Chaos Strike

Deals damage and one stack of Fire of Chaos to targets in the front row.


Scythe Slash

Deals damage to target in the front row and one stack of Fire of Chaos damage to them.



Deals damage to all targets and gives yourself HP Regen.


Hot Wave

Deals damage and one stack of Fire of Chaos to targets in the front row.



Deals damage and 3 stacks of Fire of Chaos to targets in the front row.


Tow-way Strike

Deals damage to you and deals damage and 2 stacks of Fire of Chaos to the target with the lowest HP and cancels 5 buff for him/her.


Stiring Blood

Deals damage and 1 stack of Fire of Chaos to all targets. The higher the target’s HP is, the greater the damage will be.



Decreases the damage dealt by targets in the front row by 10% and increases the damage received by them by 19% for 3 rounds.


Blood Shield

Deals damage to you and forms a shield for all teammates to absorb damage at most.




Gather your allies, the battle begins!

Sword Saga Official Site:

Sword Saga Wiki: