Catastrophe Caravan in TitansRise II

What is the warrior transporting? It seems that his elephant is carrying some mysterious treasure. Where will they go? If he met robbers while in transit, how about the treasure?

If you want to know more, just join the “Escort Caravan” and “Catastrophe” in TitansRise II. Once you level up to Lv32, you can accept the “Escort Caravan” from the Convey Captain Marlin in Harrenhal. You can complete it 3 times per day. If you didn’t get great escorting quests or you want more excitation, you can accept “Catastrophe” from the Covey Captain Marlin to rob luxurious goods carried by other ones.

You can complete it every day. After accepting the quest, you can go find the other players who are escorting the caravans to fight him/her in PVP. You’ll be rewarded massive EXP if you defeat the owner of the goods during the limited time. Except the reward of completing the Catastrophe Caravan, you will also receive Gold as reward from the caravans’ vehicle after defeating your opponent. Hope you enjoy!

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