Angelet in TitansRise

Why are there so many Angels in the annals? Does any Seraphim Fall? But it doesn’t look like Seraphim and it took two swords by its hands. What is it?



Oh, it’s the Angelet and we are looking the Pet Ranking in TitansRise! What I really want to say is, Angelets must be your best partners in your way of seeking hegemony in TitansRise. It’s rare and full of power. Are you desired to get it? Don’t worry! Just join events from the Event Agent in the City of Light of TitansRise this week! Once you collected enough pieces of Fragments of Angelet, you can bring it to your bag. What a great deal!


If you don’t have enough pieces of Fragments of Angelet, you can get them from The Strongest Gear Pack. It’s on sale in Store only by 15 Diamo! Besides, once you recharge Diamo up to the requirement, you can get various luxurious rewards. At the same time, you can also do consumption to win various excellent packs. It’s alright If you don’t like these as you can get various excellent rewards as long as you log-in the game every day! Are you worried about the entertainment programme in your leisure time? Don’t worry, TitansRise will be your best friend to companion you to spend these lonely days!



You can check all events in “Events” icon, and join them just by clicking “Join Activity” , below the corresponding event name.You can also check all events once you enter the game by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. We have different funny events per week. Don’t be hesitate, just enjoy TitansRise with your friends! TitansRise will be your best choice in leisure time!


TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.


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