About the Game:Wartune Role-playing game


Wartune is a need to download the domestic role-playing game. Players play in the game, led by one of the army of Santo, to turn the tide in the inferno invasion of human continent eschatological war, safeguard the peace party.

2D game screen with 3D rendering performance of ways to bring players delicate game visual experience.


Wartune Wiki early version of the main development around the city, a copy of which began to explore the main line, as the lord of the players through the development of cities, recruit armies to compete with the inferno. In the copy of the exploration, players will experience a variety of play, or chase, or flee, or counter-attack, etc., and finally become the dominant party disdain.



Wartune 3D rendering screen: true 3D engine to render the magic style to the screen, the next generation of page tour of the animation performance.

Gorgeous combat effects: Half way to make instant turn-based combat is more exciting fight performance, highly ornamental effects of combat allows players dizzying.

QTE combat system: the first page tour combat QTE system, players can enhance the effect of skills through QTE, compared to the traditional turn-based game, fighting is more intense and more exciting.

Soldiers to develop: the game seven soldiers have their own strengths, allowing soldiers fighting spirit by growing, and finally develop a strong corps expedition party.

City building: combining the characteristics of strategy games, players can strengthen their own capacity through the construction of their own city.

Copy of the system: a unique copy of the system allows players to freely explore the game world.

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