A MMORPG Game Based On Western Myths—Titansrise

Something about TitansRise

TitansRise is a MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered beforein the traditional online games.

Feature System: Character Transformation, Special Skill Effects, Six Characteristic Quests Characteristic Instance, Zodiac System, Mount System, Golden Zodiac System and so on.

Legion System: Our legion PVP battles, struggles for defense or battles for materials will make you express your strong operation and outstanding DFS as you wish.


Auto Route

When the Character accepts the related quest, the players can press “Q” on the keyboard to open the interface of My Quest. Click the name of NPC or Monster in the yellow/green link, the System will teleport or route the Character to the related position of NPC or Monsters automatically.

Besides, click the “Map” button in the top right corner of the interface, then pull down the list to choose “NPC” or entrance of map, it will also route the Character to the related position automatically.


Character Information

Click the button of “ Character” , then you can check the information of the Character.

Click it, then you can see the following:

1, the information of gears

2,Strengthening Activated Attribute information in whole body

3, The information of Embedded Gem

4, Activated Attribute information of Equipment Quality in whole body

5, Activated Attribute information of lighten Constellation

6, The information of title

7,PK value, Reputation, Legion

8, EXP, Energy

9, the button of “Equipment Exchange”, the button of “Equipment Forging”

10,The Combat Power and the detailed information of the Character.

Click the option of Detailed Info above, then you can check the detailed data of the Character.

Click “Title”, then you can equip and preview the Title.

Race of Champion

Opening Time: At 20:00 of every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Required Level: Lv33+

Times: Once

Entering Method: Click the icon in the upper right to teleport to [City of Light] and talk with Admiral , Charles to enter after the activity starts.

Introduction of Race of Champion:

1, There can be a maximum of 160 players on the battlefield. During 15 mins, players can get Honor and scores by attacking their opponents. The first 32 players that get the highest amount of scores will automatically be advanced in rank and will be invited to join the promotion battle.

2, The promotion battle will be divided into 3 stages: 8 players from 32, 2 players from 8 and 1 winner player from 2. At the end of the battle,the system will auomaticaly promote the players according to their ranking until the Champion appears in the final.

3, The champion will receive the highest amount of Honor as reward and players can use the Honor to exchange more rewards.


If you want to become a master, but what can you do as you are new in games?Never mind, the TitansRise System has set up the first step for players: TitansRise Achievement

How to open the TitansRise Achievement:

You can open it in the right side of the interface, on the left of the small map.

How to check and accomplish the TitansRise Achievement

1,Choose the related level after you open it, then you can see the recommended achievements you should complete about this level.

2, After you reached an achievements, the icon of TitansRise Achievement will twinkle.

3, Click it, then the icon of reached achievements will become green. Click the icon of “ Receive” to receive the related rewards.

4, After you received it, the icon of the achievement will become white and it will notify that the reward has been received.

5,After completing all achievements of the level, you can click the button of “Get Prize” to receive the Bound Diamo as reward.

It not only helped the descendants of God to confirm the way of becoming God, but also prepared abundant reward for players to help them reach the top of TitansRise.

Divine Challenge

Choose the Level you can enter ( You can enter the passed level repeatedly), then click the “Enter” button




TitansRise,TitansRise Official Website http://www.titansrise.com/