Wartune Master extreme skills plus point play Raiders


Wartune Master extreme skills plus point play Raiders. First praise , The Divine Comedy this game is really good. New Year niece to my house and play Divine Comedy on the computer , try to put me playing with stick in this game.Wartune create a role that we look at the soldiers Master shooter , did not hesitate to choose the Master , no matter which game , the Master is not outdated ( fragile point right, there is a high resistance to take care of you . Master just play their role ) .


Wartune Wiki upgrade things aside , and stereotyped. Say under their own plus points , opened the dual skills , now 55The first pure attack. For a decline in the skills of combat power , but for arena spike, a copy of the mobs and the world BOSS:The first line of two passive ( + magic to master the elements of the heart ) to fill, without the curseThe second line current, flames , esoteric Kuanglei blitz , Minglei point over ( enough points can each give up a little on this four skills, but it is recommended to rise to 55 , the benefits of athletic wear, Fate openness and skills point advantage, enough to make you give up the battle honors, went straight to the world BOSS, a copy of the underground palace 100 , and trials of )The third line that does not increase , because the spike effect , abandon the treatment and magic resistanceThe fourth line is getting ready to cast full of meteorites 3:00 ( points not enough here you can give up a little of each kind ) behind withoutThe full power of pure mage, do not agree, do not spray , the effect tried to know, ha ha. Below to talk about the second ,Thick blood for a variety of BOSS, belong Polishing type . With this , I am a novice when the medication 44 + BUFF operator, has 99 layers to the maze , and was ranked second in the region , the first is the Master , the poor more than 10,000 combat power .Heart elements of the first row of the + magic master point at least, behind without ( curse dispensable, as for the big move is not applicable at this level ) .The second line of the current four points behind without .The third line , the entire point of full -sized light can point at least ( points not enough to light a small light can give a little big , recovery and treatment efficiency point of full proposal ) .

Full cast getting ready , meteorite 3:00 purify the point of full ( not enough points can each give up a little here )This plus point there are kinds of benefits , JJ sets + fashion, with your Swordsman , Archer soldiers with combat power , he can grind slowly die , into the battle to a meteorite ( hit , then do not drive Fury Warrior this you know 0.0 ) and then an electric current , then can a small light, as long as the fighting force does not exceed you , he can not win while also Hao Zhao . Had also planned to write more , come home , and if published , you do not spray me , I will write a Master newbie experience, oh warrior archer can apply .

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Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills


Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills .Maybe you do not love rock solid fighter , high output shooter, if you like walking control , auxiliary route , then the Divine Comedy in the Master Professional will make you like it.

Brilliant flames , meteorites and Kuanglei skills attracted so many players , in addition to the recovery , purification and other auxiliary waiting for you to display their skills . What is the secret purification skills ? Next to the small series to find out more about this mysterious skills.Rune purify what effect? Compared to ” restore ” them by literally be able to understand the skills , purify some relative mystery .


In fact, this skill is to let other occupations have Master Rune purification function , similar to his boss mobs or debuff, for example, continued bleeding , reduces physical attack power, reduce physical defense , magic attack power reduction , reducing magic defense and dizziness and so on.

Master the use of high frequency purify runes , anger consume large, it seems to beat the final boss in 65 copies in time , boss to the player ‘s debuff, harm reduction , it is often necessary to help the Master . If not 60 Master suite has basically been banned copy appeared in 65 , but in fact, such an account Rune helped 55 such suits can not play the Master wants to play again heart.As long as we each bring a purification kit can help 55 Master back anger , problems will be much smaller .

World of Warcraft Wartune Wiki medieval mysteries , I believe so many players engrossed in the wonderful hot PK shootout . What is the role of purification runes in the arena it? Master debuff usually increase the damage , the soldiers continued to snap frozen blood and archers armor . It is noteworthy that archers freezing, a frozen hand speed is reduced so that the other 100% , three rounds down the equivalent of three times a faint Seal , it must be frozen in the purification, and armor defense only reduce 160 points , insignificant , they do not control him .

But in general you want to guard against is not the archers, but the increase of the Master of the damage by 10 % because of the skills of a place like this , the equivalent of three times or even four times the armor must be dispelled. So to kill time in the arena on by soldiers or archers with a purification rune mage rage cost reduction is very necessary.

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Era of Empire – How to play game

Era of Empire is a new hardcore social game that includes city construction, simulation, war strategy and many other features. The unique design concept shows you the true developments of four of the great ancient civilizations. Get to know different customs, cultures and conflicts of the different faiths and experience their growth from savage primitive societies to the great empire that ruled Asia, Africa and Europe. Witness the development and prosperity, the colonization and expansion, as you make the important decisions. Will you lead your people to immortal supremacy, or die out, forgotten in the tides of time?


How do you build?

All buildings can be found in the Buildings interface in the bottom menu. Buildings must be connected to a road so that people can access them. As you progress through the chapters more and more buildings will be unlocked, as long as you have researched the required technology.


How do you demolish?

You can click the Demolish button on the left to demolish buildings or ruins you don’t need. You need to click Cancel Construction before you can demolish buildings under construction.


What safety problems do buildings have?

It’s not easy to manage a city.

If there are no buildings to manage security issue – such as fire bureaus, hospitals, Watch Halls and repair stations – near other buildings in the city, they may collapse crisis, fire risk, health problem and security problem. When these problems show up, if they can’t be solved immediately, then the buildings will turn into ruins and can only be demolished.


My Castle, My Empire, My Choice!

Be a great King should be a great architect first, show your talent that you can build up your castle.

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Wartune life skills system introduced


Wartune skills introduced:

Character level 35 or above, you can learn life skills at the NPC at the Sky City Trade Zone.

Five kinds of players can choose any life skills to learn, you can learn up to two kinds.

Forgotten Life skills: must be consumed in the NPC at Diamond forgotten life skills.


Proficiency: divided into low, intermediate, advanced, master, master-class five grades. Each level of increase required to consume a certain amount of gold or diamonds, each life skills to achieve the Grand Master can activate a title.

Wartune skill categories:

Acquisition categories: herbs and mining

Collection sites: the souls of the island, amethyst mine, Sky City and other areas.


Gathering the harvest: collecting available material acquisition to enhance the acquisition of skills proficiency, proficiency with the upgrade, you can capture more of the collection thereof.

Acquisition Requirements: collecting things have minimum and maximum proficiency requirements. Proficiency than the minimum value to be collected, after the acquisition of proficiency than the maximum value does not enhance proficiency.

Wartune manufacturing categories: jewelry manufacturing, Enchanting, Alchemy

Manufacturing method: objects can be collected in a blacksmith shop operations, access to semi-finished products; according to the existing formula of raw materials and semi-synthetic synthesis, access to new items.

Manufacturing Proficiency: The above Class 2 operation will increase the manufacturing class skills proficiency, and thus get more synthetic formula, proficiency exceeds a certain value, the manufacture of low-level items no longer enhance proficiency.

Purchase of materials: Some synthetic materials, synthetic formulas need to buy to get the npc at buying gold or diamond consuming, and there is a certain degree of proficiency requirements.

Wartune manufactured product uses:

Jewelry Manufacturing: New product for professional equipment mosaic

Alchemy: Create potions, temporary use to enhance the role of property

Enchanting: Generate attached Monster, all the equipment can be permanently attached to the property.

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DDTank2 invincible Semiparabolic Cheats


After practice personally think that power should be 61 and a half cast

Also targeted are Lethal for the Specifically calculated as follows:

Distance from the screen by doing a 20 considered in particular: the distance of the second screen should be considered in accordance with 25


Let’s say the distance is 15, table manners downwind 3.5

Then you adjust the angle should be 90-15 + 3.5 * 2 = 82 degrees

Efforts should be playing in the position 60

Another full force measured on the basis of my original zone (that is, the map novice teaching) drop height is 1-2 degrees

So half the force is 2-4 degrees

To play up the angle – the angle you want to beat up +

Summary: Semi force advantage is to be accurate than full force

While some relatively far distance map of each of the car in the middle of it is easy to hit them

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Sword Saga Raiders skills


Sword Saga What the Raiders score brush tips ? This asked me for it! As a senior small series , but the Raiders have seen numerous posts skills , content richness I instantly become the god from rookie ! Do not believe ? Download games using the method I said try it !


Sword Saga as the national level of the game, Aron : Jianying a shelf it caused fans to cheer . Day and night to find clearance , customs clearance can not be perfect ? Do not worry, nine tour Xiao Bian today for everyone to bring a clearance Raiders. If the game fails Replay checkpoints need love, love takes time to wait or buy diamonds . So small partners who want to perfect as possible with fewer clearance successful oh.


Sword SagaWiki often because of the player’s character can not restrict occupation of certain items of equipment or acquire certain skills , and through the transfer to meet these requirements , of course, there is a general transfer key props, grade requirements .Story mode is the game a more core functions , the main players upgrade experience and equipment needed for the synthesis of basic materials are all here output. Of course , players can also get other incentives such as coupons , game currency, experience and so on through the story . Here you can also experience some of the wonderful original story , with the Sword Saga of growth , there are many new gameplay waiting for you to open it.

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Sword Saga clearance techniques


Want to quickly get started Sword Saga game , small advice skill players pass , pass the experience of senior players before beginning to understand the next share the game allows you to get started quickly , of course, if you want to fully enjoy this game brings cross fresh excitement , players can own more practice under fumble through.


Android version Sword Saga regarded in July in the first wave of Android game epic , although already not a new work , but ported to the Android platform IOS Sword Saga has been without a packet can be installed directly .Sword Saga whole game can be compared to Diablo 3 , can be called mobile version of Diablo 3 . Alcatel Android version dragon ying reached as much as 300MB , the overall style ARPG 3D action game masterpiece , the game you can choose to humans, elves , trolls three races , as well as soldiers, thieves , archers Ranger, Mage four career choice.


Sword Saga Wiki game system and world view are very ambitious , both prestige systems, weapons systems , herbs large systems are now mainstream RPG games ago. Perfect 3D graphics , as well as the grand battle scenes , even if you are not a diehard RPG game will love this game.

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