DDTank2 Game description:The Best Shooting Web Game

DDTank2 is a no download , just visit the website will be able to play multiplayer online Q version of casual web games .

In the game you can fight different players athletics , simple keyboard, allowing you to more easily interact and competitive in the whole process of competitive confrontation with the players , thereby stimulating experience , joy, happy game fun.

Lovely picture of the game , the fairy-tale scenes, amazing fashion dress , let DDTank2 become a favorite female players . The game ‘s gorgeous fighting effects, skills contest, fun props system , but also to the game much male players of all ages.

Lovely picture : characters take the bulk of the small proportion of Q version of the design itself , the picture style fresh and lovely .Battle Mode : stimulating challenge copy + BOSS + players PK confrontation , highlighting the unique fighting fun !

Music and sound : first add relaxed background music, sound funny fighting web games, more Q version , more lovely.-Changing fashion : a hat , eyes, clothing , facial expressions , etc. thousand kinds of fashion styling with freedom , to show their personality .

Gorgeous special effects : many arms to show the effect of different shells , gorgeous scenes of exquisite and refreshing.Equip synthesis : the perfect melting system , freedom to build the best equipment , and more fun games and visual enjoyment.

Welcome to the Best Shooting Web Game, here is the DDTank2 Official Website:http://www.ddtank.us/


Comparable to the Warcraft RPG masterpiece : Sword Saga

[Operating system]

The Sword Saga game began to help, you can take a look.Left virtual joystick control actions ( can be changed to the right ) , if you choose a fixed third-person perspective , then drag in the blanks with the right hand you can change the viewing angle , and are not used to 3D games may be some faint beginning to adapt just fine.

Here in the middle of a row of shortcut bar , click the arrow can be replaced by the shortcut bar in the second row . Lower right corner of the function keys , you can view items, picking up things , dialogue and so on.The upper right corner shows your current target .

The upper left corner is the blood of the blue bar experience bar , and enter the menu bar. View or search for the bodies of the chest will appear this pickup interface, you can click on an item to view individual properties, select take, you can just take the money or take all. Just click on the backpack into the upper left corner of the menu group pattern , there is a row of sub- section above .

The first is the character of equipment and materials : equipment is very rich , and in the chest or monsters drop gems will have attributes that can point to any piece of equipment above apply , every piece of equipment can be attached with a gem of a property , adds an additional front again overwritten.The right is the backpack and money , a total of three backpack is no way to expand and worthless things do not save the friends.Items directly onto the drop location for destruction. Weapons can link to the shortcut keys for easy switching ranged and melee weapons

( such as too close to the bow of the Ranger is no way to attack )

The second is the plus point, there is only one attribute points per level , oh , so do not make me. Force -sensitive resistance , intellectual , refined, which we are very familiar with the five attributes it ~Also , note the grade below a Reputation: Lawful. ** If you are just breaking it, oh you out law system when you make out law may allow you to confirm whether the behavior to continue . If you confirm …… then you kill the guard play to upgrade . Because most of the guards and npc kill you …… you have met only a handful of neutral npc will talk to you .


Of course, you can choose to come back after clearance massacre ! The third item is a skill , there is also a skill point per level , click the icon to see the details of skill , level requirements , and what the power consumption.Skill tree is quite scientific – we can look ~

The fourth is a task list , click a task name you can see the details of the task , the task can give up , but not necessary, at present there are no tasks have not found the limit.One thing is very user-friendly set up , kill the boss of all tasks , whether or not you take the task , killed the boss will be recorded, when you received the task to kill this boss can immediately make the task done! So, even though the students all the way past it ~~ massacre

The fifth is the map , black specks are cave like, click to display the name , for to do the task is quite helpful.Golden Arrow is your location and direction of the red face , as long as we want to go look at the map Jiuhaola ~

Leaving behind the first production system for the time being and achievement system , said the Best Browser RPG Game.

Finally, save the file , such as a Menu can be read and set functions and the Sword Saga Official Website: http://www.swordsaga.com/


Comparable to the Warcraft RPG masterpiece : Sword Saga comprehensive review

Sword Saga is a comparable PC World of Warcraft on a 3D the Best Browser RPG Game that requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4 and iPad hardware can run , do not support the generation of the second generation , oh. Game fully supports iPhone 4 Retina display and iPad HD resolution.

The role-playing game total of humans, elves , trolls three different races to choose from, Warrior, Rogue , Ranger , Mage four kinds of career , reputation system , acquisition systems , weapons systems , production systems , swimming, fishing, Firefly so readily available . 3D perspective , the picture is beautifully detailed , map of the scene in different styles , the music sounds very hard, style and game system quite some shadow of World of Warcraft , I believe that this section works will bring players an unprecedented gaming experience.

[ Game Interface ]

A very simple interface into the game to continue the game , start a new game and set .Background leaves swirl , people have begun to start looking forward to the game screen .

The first line is to choose the control to adjust the picture detail selection , sound switchControl interface can set the screen orientation , left, perspective , Y direction virtual joystick angle adjustment , auto-attack switch Of which there are three perspectives , the first one is a first -person perspective , and the second is a third-person perspective , the perspective is automatically adjusted when the characters move , and the third is a third-person perspective , the perspective is fixed , you can change the viewing angle of the screen slide vacated .

I would rather recommend the last one, of course, this depends on personal habits Select the game difficulty , in order to facilitate the evaluation, we chose casual friends – like the challenge it difficult to choose a friend Select Races: Human , Elf , TrollThen the next page of the same length , sex selection Select Classes: Warrior , Rogue, Ranger , MageHere I first chose the Master , the game’s easy to see the effect of ~ mage skills should be the most obvious effect of it ~ Personalities settings, you can choose hairstyles , hair color , facial patterns.

Zoom lens can pull the top right corner of the distanceFinally, enter a name for the role , the character on the establishment of complete it And then some fine opening animation , you can skip , but the first play, then take a look at the proposal is still , after all, will depend on the story RPG thing – but the animation is also very beautiful ~Players enjoy entering the

Sword Saga Official Website: http://www.swordsaga.com/


Mount Party in TitansRise II

Own the Legendary Mount, own the world! The Golden Secular Bird is flying to you! Are you ready to fight the darkness force with it? Summon it from the events in TitansRise II this week! Mount Party is live now!

Secular Bird(HP:+1200,A:+160,D:+80,H:+180)will follow you once you accumulatively consumed 30000 Diamo a day during 1.7-1.13! You can also get Mount Amber, Spirit Heart, Devil Heart and many precious items once you consumed up to the requirement during the event time. Check “Daily Spend” to know more!

Besides, evolve your Mount to the required level to get more luxurious rewards, even the Secular Bird(Evolve your Mount to +20). Hurry up to power up your exculsive Mount!

Do you want to get more Rare Piece? Just log-in the game every day, you can also get amounts of Bound Diamo and many other rare items! Check rewards in “Login Prize” every day!

PS: The Strongest Wings Pack and “Daily” of Event Exchange is still on! Let’s roll the TitansRise II Carvinal!

You can check all events once you enter the game by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. If you want to know more about us, you can check this link on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjKD6NorE68&feature=youtu.be

Welcome to join the battle feast in TitansRise II with your friends!



TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.


TitansRise Official website is: http://www.titansrise.com/

Browser Games Review:http://www.gamefxp.com/

“Wartune” warrior skills plus point and point the disc

Wartune online games for the Raiders or more full- time for you to take a look at our website to update all aspects of preparation , so you can learn more about this online Divine Comedy , better known Divine Comedy game related skills. Today mainly to talk about the warrior skills to explain the Divine Comedy .

Wartune warrior skills plus points the whole explanation. The Divine Comedy as one of three career soldiers in the game , with more prominent than the Master and post- combat shooter , yet their skills mage skills gorgeous , but not less than the high scorer of the outbreak , so the analysis becomes for those warrior skills determined to play good soldier shoes are a compulsory course.

A . Zhanji

Consuming anger : +5 Players Comments : Before the mid indispensable skills, first shortest cooldown also save anger , or a copy of the daily usage pk is the highest, but also affect the future of the skill tree plus points , the proposed point over. In addition there is a chance to have a talent emerge after 50 attack bonus .

II. Trueshot

Consuming anger : -10 Players Comments : daily output of the second skill , considerable up the knife essential for pk and card boss are essential, strong strike fighter has been throughout his career player of the game , then take a runaway line early interception or Seal after a strong blow over interference for anti-matter weak archers and mages really a nightmare, after the late talent upgrade efforts can consume additional bonus damage .

III. God esoteric attack

Consuming anger : -80 Players Comments : Output impressive first big move , if with considerable offensive moves in pk domineering enough to deter others and copy people in worship , playing World boss and general copy commonly used.

If you take a copy of the anger sets of routes can be considered double esoteric , later playing the same level of opponent is stress-free .Four . Fury HeartPassive Skills Players Comments : You must fill , do not explainV. combat skills proficientPassive Skills Players Comments : The same must be filled , and are not explained.

If our fans want to know more Divine Comedy Divine Comedy soldiers plus point experience please note the following related articles on our website presentation, here is the Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/


Wartune its rich gameplay, allowing players to relish

Wartune is a relatively complex play games, role-playing and war strategy game play integration of newcomers system made very high demands. It Wartune still very good, pre-novice tutorial very long time, so that players can fully understand Wartune huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity through a variety of gameplay that appears, make the players do not get bored .

Wartune tells Jaroslaw Balrog is headed back into the abyss Legion launched frenzied attack on the human empire Yala Man, the human empire has suffered heavy casualties, large tracts of barren land, barren. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord Balrog Jaroslaw eliminate the task of picking up, with the town of the country artifact of human empire

The legendary Sword of all human hope Wartune seven pieces, one foot on the journey. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord’s battle with the Balrog Jaroslaw disappears with their colleagues at the end, who do not know where the fighting process and results. Wartune legend of this era will be starring you, whether they can revive the human empire players decide their own strength and resourcefulness.

The role-playing and war strategy combining Wartune play is the most prominent feature, players not only to raise the level of their role, but also continue to improve their city’s main building, through the recruitment of different types of soldiers to finish the fight with their roles. Like most of its war strategy games are played the game, but in Wartune, the hero played by the player himself.

Wartune performance sound in the game is also perfect, will be a different game scenarios with different music and sound, giving a feeling of being there. Sometimes magnificent, sometimes perilous. Even prolonged listening to the music player will not produce sound auditory fatigue, showing the quality of their background music is very high.

Wartune screen performance was perfect, whether it is the game’s character or scene in the plants and trees are vividly portrayed, it is easy to imagine the game developer put in the game screen. Wartune with a realistic visual style, characters aspects through advanced 3D technology to turn 2D character looks quite real, with the role of the facelift system, players will constantly want to upgrade their character level to get more sophisticated equipment to beautify themselves role.

Wartune summary

Huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity to appear for a variety of gameplay

Wartune increased the number of the game, the end of a successful tour page also created a large number of players Wartune make hand tour ends outset have a lot of players. The word of mouth is good, the screen fine, rich gameplay hand travel masterpiece does not play real pity.

Wartune is the Free Games Online and welcome to the Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/