Detailed Wartune Advanced mounts

Detailed Wartune Advanced mounts The headline should have read a lot of people think of the Divine Comedy mount interface Advanced Options bar, not a bad thing though for many people quite far advanced horse Divine Comedy , but to advance understanding of the next , oh. Here we look at what is Divine Comedy advanced horse , the horse and the horse with advanced what how advanced it.

What is the horse Advanced A quick look seemingly very complex way, in fact, is the equivalent of the Divine Comedy Advanced horse horse training to upgrade again , basically advanced processes and culture are very similar , and very easy to understand . We can open the right side mount interface in general there is an advanced option.

Advanced mounts useAdvanced mounts purposes or to enhance the horse ‘s natural attributes , and the role of the property will grow naturally .

How Advanced mounts? So how advanced it wants to mount the horse Login first to meet conditions: you must first reach the advanced horse horse 8 order to trigger advanced horse , the horse did not meet the 8-order children’s shoes , and quickly went to mine ah Society of war began to go and get the beast now.

Advanced mounts are also divided into eight bands, only feed the beast full of soul can be automatically upgraded to the more advanced high-order mounts. But unlike ordinary animal soul mounts, common horse beast began to develop needed , but only with gold advanced horse whip to develop.

Whips how gold wasOkay, this I do not know, did not play an official from the brothers get what news there , after all, the horse culture to eight bands still not so fast, we wait for the official website of the message bar, gold whip estimate obtained or that several activities it.

These are advanced content Wartune horse , though not quite complete , but we should still have some use of it. Now Join the Best Free Games Online, here is Wartune Official Website:

Wartune single game arena details

Wartune single game arena details Brothers playing in the Divine Comedy, where it would produce a hero ? Where is the ultimate hero to show their location ? There is no doubt that the Divine Comedy single arena , it is time to prove himself ! Heroes , a single up the Divine Comedy arena to dry turning your opponent , the summit ‘s chief throne !

Wartune single gladiatorial arena is the single place , the arena has a number of provisions of all lords , where in addition to a variety of rich rewards to get outside , you can race your own ranking lord hero standings . In fact, a single person outside the arena , it is such a bulletin board on end , has clearly stated above , in this single challenge we face a variety of players , there are limited number of shots a day , every failure , represents the hero we have no progress in the standings, is so cruel.

If your strength is sufficient , of course, the single arena unimpeded , drastic , but when you are more forward position , the opponent’s strength is also naturally stronger , and the top 50 single-player arena rankings in particularly fierce fighting , the slightest mistake is likely to be challenged in a row by the wayside, ranking a retreat passed , or even fall out of the top 50 in the pioneer camp. And in the arena , players will be ranked first lord of lords title of the strongest , if the Lord is the Master, then the soldiers were ranked first or shooter in which players will get the chief warrior or top scorer title.

Wartune single arena , in addition to brutal fighting and supreme honor , rank achieved in the arena , but also to bring you a variety of benefits. Rank reward is gold and fighting spirit , according to your rank in the arena to determine the amount of reward , of course, the more rewarding the top of the more lucrative . In the arena , each will provide four ranked opponents in front of you , but also an indication of intimate opponents fighting, try to challenge the four highest-ranked opponents , but pay attention to the opponent’s combat Oh !

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Stallion Race – The Museum

General Information

The Museum is the place to findthe many different breeds of horses from around the world. Or so you would think!

There is just one problem.

You are the one who has to provide the museum with the necessary information.

So start searching!

The museum becomes available as soon as you have qualified for Ladder matches.

How Does it Work?

First of all, you should enter Ladder matches to unlock Holidays. Once you have done that, you can find new breeds by going on a Holiday.

When you finally find a new breed, you will have to enter the museum. Then you will go through the pages until you find the right breed. This won’t be too hard, because the breed you have found will have a ‘REPORT’ button on it.

Click ‘REPORT’ and you will receive some rewards and a special breeding card which can be used to improve a foal.

Museum report

Note: You can only report each breed one time, though you can get multiple cards from going on Holidays.


The Different Breeds

The breeds can be divided multiple ways, either by colour, their stats, or their blood-type. I decided to go by colour. To see all the different breeds for all the horses, please select the corresponding colour.


Money Tree and The Mine

General information

Need some extra gold?

Have some friends?

Then the Money Treecanhelp you out a lot!

.Money Tree

Help your friends by watering their trees and you’ll be able to collect a good amount of Gold from your money tree. Every day, after the game resets, you can water up to 10 of your friends trees.

You can also water your own tree, but how many times depends on the level of your tree.

Every time you or your friends water your tree, it will gain 10 Exp.

If you want to earn extra rewards you can use Credits to shake the tree, but be warned, the amount of Credits needed will increase every time the tree is shaken.

The record button shows who watered your tree, this way it’s easier for you to decide who’s tree you should water.


Every time you water your own tree, or your friends tree, you will get a certain amount of “gold”. This depends on your own level, (Not your money tree’s level).

The amount you’ll receive is: 1,000 X your level.

When your tree reaches it´s maximum Exp for that level, the only 1 who can level it up, will be you! So in this case, when it reaches 409 exp, no-one will be able to give your tree more Exp, until you have leveled it up. They can still water it for the money, but it will be useless for you.

When you have leveled up your tree, under the water button, a new button will appear. You can click it, without using a daily watering. It will give you a nice amount of “gold”.

The amount you will receive is: 10,000 X tree’s level.

General information

Short on ore and stones?

No worries, mate, you can get some at the mine!

The Mine

Once the mine becomes available, you will get 3 attempts a day to mine either ore or stones. If you’re lucky you might also get Mining Cards from some of the races, which will allow you to mine 1 extra time.

The higher the level of your mine, the better your chance of getting ore and stones. If you are still not happy with the amount of ore and stones you receive you can always use an excavator, which doubles the amount you get.

The amount of time spent mining depends on how much you want to get.You can mine for:

1 hour

2 hours

4 hours

8 hours

Note: You will receive the ore and stones immediately after mining, so you won’t have to wait to use them, but you will have to wait before you can mine again. You can also refresh the page if you’re not happy with the ore and stones you received, this will use vouchers or Credits.

Note: You can NOT speed up the mining process.


The Mine is one of 6 buildings that can be upgraded. You can upgrade 3 buildings at a time, and the buildings being upgraded will be shown the left of your main city.

Your chance to get ore and stones increases every time you upgrade the Mine.

Here is a list of upgrades and their prices.



Thanks for your reading!

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Wartune–Blood Inferno

Dear Players,

Happy New Year! After the bell struck midnight on December 31st, 2015 came.

It’s been over three years since Wartune came online, and we’d like to thank you for your constant support. In 2015 there will be more new and fun systems added to Wartune. Prepare to be amazed!

Your satisfaction is our motivation. Enjoy the game!

Level Requirement:

50+ – Dungeons are divided into 3 levels: (Lvl. 50 – 60, Lvl. 61 – 70, Lvl. 71 – 80)

Event Attempts:

Once per day – Event attempts reset at 05:00 every day.

How to Participate:

1. Speak with Dinah in Cloud City – Enter the Hall of Heroes – SelectBloody Inferno.

2. Click the Daily Events button and then click Bloody Inferno. This will auto-path you to Dinah in Cloud City.


1. Participation:

Like all dungeons Bloody Inferno is available all-day, and players will be divided according to their level. You may participate in a party of up to 4 people.

2. Time Limit:

30 minutes for each dungeon. The countdown begins once the first battle has been initiated. Once time runs out, players will be kicked out of the dungeon.

3. Monsters:

a. Each monster wave contains 4 normal monsters and 1 BOSS. Players must defeat the BOSS to reach the next wave.

b. Each monster wave will have a different set of monsters. There are also 5 different types of BOSSes.

c. As you progress through the dungeon, monster waves will increase in strength and difficulty.

d. There are currently six monster waves available.

4. Battles & Reviving:

a. Once a battle has been initiated all nearby party members will enter the battle.

b. Upon dying you may revive, as long as you are still within the time limit, and continue battling.

c. A BOSS’s HP will fully recover if all party members die in-battle.

5. Buffs:

a. Use Blood Crystals for one of four available buffs.

b. Exchange attempts are limited so choose wisely.

c. Buff types and exchange attempts reset every time a new monster wave is released.


1. Monster Drops:

Blood Crystals – These can be used to exchange for certain buffs in Bloody Inferno.

2. BOSS Drops:

a. After defeating a BOSS the party leader may throw a di. Your rewards will increase depending on the number that is rolled!

b. Drops include 4 types of items: Gold, Sylph Equipment Shards, Inferno Shards (which can be synthesized into mounts via the Blacksmith), and Forbidden Treasure Chest Shards (which can be synthesized into Forbidden Treasure Chests). Open these chests to randomly obtain: Bound Balens, Legendary Stones, Mahra, Sylph Sepulcrum, Fate Stones, Mount Training Whips, Mount Hooves and Crystal Shards).

c. As the monster waves increase in difficulty, the rewards will improve.




Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing any comments you may have!

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Sward Saga goddess new image attributes comprehensive combat power gain

Seventh Avenue magical adventure full of beauty regiment battle boutique page tour -Sward Saga soul card system as soon wait station to play an important launch of the soul card system , will have a great impact on the existing mercenary system , said to be in the cards develop a perfect fusion of the essence and mercenary , a road will be unique in the network game system of aesthetics how players will bring different feelings ?

[ Original Soul card aesthetics system] 

Plato opened a beauty philosophy , Hegel also on the ” aesthetics ” to make a detailed interpretation , Sward Saga wants fusion soul card and mercenary system , in part to create a culture of network page tour unique ” aesthetics” concept. Throughout those great success in the world of online games , in addition to the accumulation of cultural heritage , but also have their own unique aesthetic concept. After all , the players first contact with the game , the first to feel the beauty is part of the eye.

[ Variety ]

Soul cards Goddess Dress Sward Saga tour since creating the page in its own way , is bound to go farther and farther , soul card system is the traditional aesthetic concepts and network entertainment after hybridity together for the players showing a unique gameplay. In Western medieval painting style on the basis of the orthodox , the beauty of the original nine mercenaries, will show their own story in the form of cards , the form of players who have not experienced the mercenaries who are living , will be the card show the most , and beautiful women of various images , it is enough to attract you .

[Enhance combat capability attribute ] 

Eliza knights , dressed in a silver standard armor, shield engraved with the imprint of the Republic , representing the honor of Knight sword ; dragon stalker Isabel , dark green dragon skin software , which is the best defense is the best camouflage , such as the height of the hunting dragon crossbow ready to devour its prey , just like a hunted Isabel goddess incarnate … ” ying ” in the soul of the card system will not only create a variety of nine beautiful mercenary the new styling , and these cards will be turned into mercenary spirit and the power of the player , combat power will be fully improved property .

The most beautiful season , the goddess of you turn around, hundreds of shapes, offer all kinds of beautiful soul … Sward Saga card system design concept, the various forms of the nine mercenaries beauty show in front of the player , grow together, to fight , let us look forward to soul on the line card system it ~

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Compete in the Battle of Sward Saga Star Irish mainland three forces

Seventh Avenue magical adventure full of beauty regiment battle boutique page tour Sward Saga, take you opened the curtain of history , through the dimension of imprisonment, unprecedented real magical continent perfect show in front of you : the magnificent Costa mainland Ireland solemn castle , mechanical technology and cold weapons contrast full steam empire , picturesque.

[Pearl Starr Ireland - Gerry Alaska ]

As Starr Ireland ‘s oldest kingdom, Gerry Alaska ‘s history dates back to the era of even the goddess of the moon and stars , who bathed in glorious goddess Alaska Gerry family, has been adhering to the goddess will defend justice while overseeing the devil ‘s seal. Later in the YongCu people, Gerry Alaska mainland to set up a family in the East Kingdom Gerry Alaska , the goddess of the moon and stars as they bear in mind in order to pay for all the continent , with the moon and stars the Church as the state religion , preached goddess will uphold justice and goodness.

[ Mechanical wisdom Empire - Val Porter ]

After the goddess ‘s, with a high wisdom university who does not believe in the existence of Walter Potter goddess of the world , he was more convinced of the wisdom and strength of human beings . Val Porter steam engine at the moon and stars stone research scholar in the process of the invention is created , and by appropriate transformation, such a device can be applied to all aspects of people’s lives. Hand steam armed forces Val Porter II emperor in the West , the people are very dependent on the power of the empire of steam technology .

[ Freedom mercenary City - Thomas David ]

Old aristocrat Sir Gerry Alaska Kingdom and cutting-edge for the moon and stars Val Potter empire stone fight , the second moon and stars war down, suffering only the most innocent civilians. But this time, Thomas David Speaker accepted wounded two countries to help them rebuild their homes , giving them shelter war . In the end, won the support of the people injured in the war , and the establishment of the Republic of David Thomas . Here is a completely open city , Thomas David accepted it, and inclusive economy.

Costa promote Irish history as three huge rotating gears, completely different customs , unique art and architecture , and of course the players worth a visit . Sward Saga rise three forces , take you to feel the magnificent history , but also so beautiful and heart -depth three cities .

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Features high cost Wartune six souls resolve

Wartune souls of the six basic features full resolution , whether it is windy underground maze , or battle multiplayer battlefield , an irreplaceable role of good souls . In the latest version , Wartune also introduced a dual attribute souls , for senior players to open a more beautiful world , but as a novice white, ambitious is wrong, the souls of the six basic understanding is crucial.

Wind, fire , water, electricity and the souls of the four elements , with light , dark , composed of souls Wartune camp , where water system, electric system , the optical system of magic attacks , winds , the fire department , dark lines for physical attacks. The souls of every department not only played effect , through learning skills , but also resorted to more powerful moves, either close at hand to sell Meng , still fighting to transform appearances , are excellent .

River souls , the players played a 3% increase in physical , magic defense , suitable for any profession , with superior ability and high blood back to viability , novice players to bring a river souls , no longer afraid of death fast ! Players playing souls winds 5% increase physical defense , defense can parry assault , players can also improve the viability of Oh !

Fire souls played offensive output increased by 5% , with superior output capacity , but there is no protection, fighting naturally extremely dangerous ! Electrical souls played 5% increase in full- attack , the same output is strong souls , naturally, the same shortcomings , second person will spike the enemy Oh !    Light system played a 5% increase Mofang souls , comprehensive skills and excellent growth , but each round representing various aspects of the same mediocre , with good Guards , with the bad is tasteless . Dark souls Department played a 5% increase physical defense, can hurt the enemy can suck blood, grow equally excellent .

There has been double attribute souls today, wind, fire , water, electricity precarious status of the four souls , why ? Because dual attribute souls , two is light , dark attribute , wind, fire, water and electricity do not know when there will be four attributes souls can ? That yes, wind, fire, water and electricity can make a comeback ?

War of the storm struck, double attribute souls turned out ! Dragon Whisperer anger gradually subsided , the souls who have satisfied their desires ? Wartune souls brings the perfect combination of mutations of light and dark , tangled fate , the ultimate strength of exactly where ? Wartune answer to your search !

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Addict legend sky god of the strongest wizard Wartune

The goddess Athena , Apollo , Faun Paine … these ancient mythology, ancient gods , people have been living in a distant memory. Brothers playing in Wartune , they once again resurrected this magical continent to showcase their divinity . Brothers playing Wartune stunning souls come, light and darkness collide , the birth of a legend of the strongest souls . Singing sound of Ice and Fire , brothers Wartune souls help you play the legendary achievements sky .

According to legend , the brothers play Divine Comedy each individual has the blood of the gods , with age , the blood of God ‘s awakening , people will be able to summon the soul of the ancient gods , to accompany their operational risk. Brothers playing in the Divine Comedy , when the player character reaches 50 , it will automatically get a souls , the souls of the players will get to accompany players to grow together , and fought together with the players .

Evolution of God, divine awakening. Brothers playing in the Divine Comedy , the players can awakening souls , strengthen , advanced and devour souls get more powerful . In addition , you can also learn the skills , let the souls master different fighting skills , bursting out on the battlefield more dazzling light. Awaken your souls , so that you surrender it to the world !

However , no matter how strong the souls , the souls to face the two-line time, will be eclipsed . With the ability to awaken the gods , the descendants of God began binding . Light and darkness , was originally completely unable to blend the elements , but the collision of a spark in the brothers play Divine Comedy , the new souls about to be born ! Brothers playing in the Divine Comedy , players can get through the souls of the synthesis of light and dark twin attributes, characters reach level 70 can carry light and dark orange double attribute souls , reach level 80 can carry a red light and dark double attribute souls . When the souls of the birth of twin property , also means a new battle is about to begin ! Light and dark , is brewing out of this world’s most powerful soul !

The new version , breaking from India . Millennium sleeping dragon has awoken from a sealed speaker , and their return is to eliminate contamination by Gaia mainland , or for their own glory ? Wartune brothers play a new version of ” Wrath of the Dragon Whisperer ” join in Millennium Draconic by choice ! Brothers playing Wartune heritage classic fantasy page tour , launched a large number of original play , witness beautiful love , to experience the crazy cross-service PK, enjoy gorgeous horse counterattack , breaking the limit career advanced, this time , we went to ride the brothers play Wartune Legends about it!

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SwordSaga – New Fashion Holy Verdict

SwordSaga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.

Stylish New Fashion Holy Verdict

For the Fashion Holy Verdict event, you can open a Holy Chest to randomly get one of the following items: Holy Verdict Weapon, Holy Verdict Armor and Holy Verdict Headwear. If you are not lucky enough to get the Fashion Holy Verdict in the Holy Chest, don’t worry! You can also get the following items: Holy Heart, Gold, Lvl.2 Gem Chest, Gem Potion, Starmoon Crystal, Dragon Blood and Exquisite Gift. Participate in different events to have the chance to win a Holy Chest!

Collect Holy Hearts, they can be used to exchange for a Fashion Holy Verdict! You’ll need 30 Holy Hearts to get each Fashion item (Holy Verdict Weapon, Holy Verdict Armor, Holy Verdict Headwear). You’ll need 90 Holy Hearts to get the whole Holy Verdict set. Holy Chests are on sale in the Shop of every server. The Fashion Holy Verdict could be yours for only 35 Balens! Don’t miss this chance! Play Sword Saga and win this awesome Fashion!



Thanks for your reading!

Gather your allies, the battle begins!

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Wartune shooter Occupational Analysis

Magical tour page masterpiece Wartune three professional strengths : Warrior calm, elegant shooter , Master of deep, hard to choose. I, as a handsome, agile agile “old ” players , favorite or shooter, because shooters powerful physical output and gorgeous crit is unique. The following will give you for the shock of the skills presented Wartune shooter picture of it !Immediately after entering the game , the hero will get two skills.

” Charge Arrow” and ” bursts ” , these two skills are basic skills shooter Divine Comedy . ” Charge Arrow” In addition to causing a certain amount of physical damage to the enemy monomer , but also be able to accumulate a certain amount of anger , and will increase the crit rate. The late unlock skills , in addition to the passive skills, all the skills need to consume a certain amount of anger before they can be released , so the ” Charge Arrow” is the need to continue to add late skills. ” Bursts ” skill , by definition, random attack twice , each attack to cause a certain amount of physical damage , but also the ability to crit highest increase of 100% , quite a force !

” Upanishads – deadly sniper ” , no matter what it is to be without a fight monsters . ” Esoteric fatal blocking ” can cause physical damage to the enemy strong random monomer. However, due to the release of his need to consume a certain amount of anger , so it must be with the ” Charge Arrow” to accumulate more anger , at the appropriate time , to play its impressive energy efficiency.

The ultimate picture , stunning special effects. Wartune career shooter will offer you the perfect visual feast !

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