Magic sound defeat all things under Wartune Game  profile

Wartune, played the game player may ask, this is not a popular global online games masterpiece, why will appear in the Mobile Games?Yes, this Wartune has captured the hearts of all beings epic online games has perfect transplant to the mobile terminal, or the original recipe, original taste.Better is the player no longer because the clumsy computers bring us unhappy game experience, the introduction of mobile terminal, let us go to experience the large-scale online games in the Madden game experience.

Game summary: artifact left the world caused a reign of Terror (8.5 points)

The so-called Wartune, is actually a musical creation of God’s creation. Since it is a creation of God, it is not only an instrument. When the creator God plays the Divine Comedy, change the world. This piece of weaponry and even the creator have to worry, therefore, in sleeping, he would split Wartune into seven fragments, each fragment is a powerful artifact. Legend as long as all artifact can have the world. Thus, our story is around the seven artifact expansion.

2. Copies of unfolding story NPC help you quickly into the game

The story mainly launches to Brian size copy control our protagonist, a high crit, strong quasi heart female shooter, debut. As a spirit of the warrior, found in large adjustable road passing caravans long-term attacks the difference of the truth of the matter, then saved our NPC Tina. Tina will have a tremendous role behind us, help us to quickly learn some complex system in the game, let the game player to better integrate into the game. More importantly, when we rescue Tina, she will take us to in charge of a struggling town. And we will, by the gods swear to protect you, let urban prosperity.

3.Town building perfect function powerful rich

Want to future achievement, can be the down town. A home office, barracks, dwellings, warehouses, blacksmith shop and other buildings in town, began may give a game player playing Warcraft feeling.But as the game progresses, you’ll find out the game than the system Warcraft much.These buildings in town with the Lord (we control characters) to upgrade the level of opening unceasingly, building level also will continue to increase, a lot of good.

The home office is the major economic source of the whole town, it can help us output per hour is a lot of gold, the home office is scalable, level not only affect the other building level cap and gold production, the number will also affect the collection and gold income of gold.Private is the major productive forces place, game player can recruit to a strong soldiers inside, allow yourself to cope with the copy of the relaxed. As the private class rising high, more wounded soldier you recruit soldiers, and grades also can promote, let your fighting strength to rise sharply.

Houses were used to increase the population limit of the building, through ascension houses grades to accommodate more people. Population increase, game player can recruit more powerful warrior, creating a strong backing for you.Warehouse for storing won the gold, but the upper limit to the number of a certain limit, increase with the level of increase.The blacksmith is to produce powerful weapons of the place, here, you can be equipped to enhance, in which embedded properties of gems and other functions, we are building powerful forces essential source.

  1. Soldiers lineup to make the game more excellent performance

Probably introduces some architectural features of the town, let us enter the game…Oh, I almost forgot, in before the start of the game, we have to learn to put soldiers lineup.Here the array is relatively simple, we want to choose the output strong meat shield all attributes of game player itself character, reasonable distribution of harvest to beat all surprise.

  1. Upgrade reward copy gradually opening

The game by constantly took over the task to complete to constantly improve their own ability, adopts the design of system upgrade, let the game player easier for the strong goal.After the rank promotion in addition to get rich reward, will open more exciting copy, let us adventure rich and colorful.

  1. The skill system show the rich cheer game experience for you

The characters in the game since daguai clearance copy, if only flat cut words is somewhat boring. Presentation skills system rich, give us more game experience.Skills will be with the level continuously upgrade to increase and upgrade.More magical place, some esoteric skills in the game can be released through the fingertips doodle, let the game full of ideas.

The game screen: Design of 3D virtual effect make the real scene experience (9 points)

Pictures of the game with perfect to describe is not an exaggeration, here is not to say that how perfect quality is good, but it can be fully functional web games ported to IOS, this is some developers do not place.Different monsters, different copies of the map, the magnificent architectural design skills, realistic, smooth clear images of the game, the gameplay will be brought into full play.

Game controls: round system play skill of using CD hit the maximum damage (8 points)

The operation is relatively simple, a round of the game, game player needs to do is before a battle can be set to battle.The game player cast skills need to have enough rage, rage value can be obtained through the attack and damage, more powerful skills required anger will be more, corresponding cooling time will be very long, this game player can grasp their own according to the actual situation.

The game features (9 points)

  1. Gold poly soul to earn extra money rankings increased pleasure

Kill the enemy will be harvested after the death of soul, game player can through the alchemy of poly soul way to get more gold, this is one of the important means of our economic source, the need to reach a certain level of game player to open.The guild system introduction, daily association between the PK also can let the game player to get more gold.Design of ranking system, display and guild rank and fighting for our ranking, let the game player to understand their own ability, to better their breakthrough.

  1. Copy content rich gold levels everywhere see

Front have said the game would prepare a large number of copies of test for game player, in addition to have copies of creeps and boss, also found that Pandora’s box and other random items, click may get rich props and Gold Award, also have the opportunity to fall into the enemy’s siege of.The design of such ingenious, let the game player in the face of numerous copies of no longer feel boring. Here small make up to secretly tell you, you can also pick up money copy oh!

  1. Fashion system let you out of the ordinary

With online games, PC end also introduced fashion system, players can buy fashion, fashion synthetic fashion transformation is a way to obtain beautiful dress, so their ability to become higher, also can be in appearance slightly one upmanship, especially feelings of great wood!

  1. Who is the strongest competitive PK King

In the continuous customs copy, you may feel tired, never mind, go with friends, network play!The arena is Lord to show the strength and fight with one another on the battlefield, the arena can be divided into the challenge and competition.Through the challenges can receive additional reward, join us!

General comments: pure online box transplant the original recipe original taste (8.8 points)

Wartune game as a Mobile Games is not easy, can come from online games platform up. Design of the game system rich, gorgeous display of skills, with the game of passion background sound, the gameplay is highlighted.Importantly, there is a good story of the development of this game, let the game player as the story further challenge to the new boss, which makes the game became more connotation. Like this kind the net swims the game player is still waiting for what, for God is our fight!

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Mount System in TitansRise II

You won’t be alone when you adventure TitansRise II as your exclusive Mount will fight with you. Are you curious about the Mount, your buddy, in TitansRise II? Let’s check it below!


You can get your Mount after completing the Mainline Quest or buy it in the Marketplace. Mounts sold in the Marketplace have better appearance and more powerful attributes. Click the “ Mount” icon or press Shortcut Key “O” to open the Mount interface.


You can check the detailed information of your mount on the first page:


Mount’s HP will be reduced with the time of being ridden. When its HP becomes 0, it has to take a rest. You can supply your Mount’s HP by Gold. You can also check all its appearances of evolvement by clicking “ Preview Mount”:


Click “ Mount Evolve” in the interface to check your mount’s evolvement:



You need to consume Mount Amber to evolve your Mount. You can get Mount Amber (I) by challenging Instance. It can increase the Evolve EXP of your Mount by 1 each time you use it. You can get Mount Amber (II) by killing BOSS or buy it in the Marketplace. It can increase the Evolve EXP of your Mount by 10 each time you use it. If you want to increase your Mount’s Evolve EXP by 100, you can buy the Mount Amber (III) in Marketplace.


You can tick “Evolve xx level” to evolve your Mount rapidly if there are too many Mount Ambers in your bag:


Click the” Start Evolve” button, then you can evolve your Mount.

If you want to know more, welcome to visit our Fan page and official website. TitansRise II will never let you be alone and we still want to give you surprise and happiness! You can also check more once you enter the game by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. We have different events per week. Don’t be hesitate, go enjoy TitansRise with your friends! TitansRise will be your best choice in leisure time!



TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.




Thanks for your reading!

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Game Profile: Wartune Profile

Wartune Official Website welcome you. Wartune is a Webpage Game products released in late 2011, the game currently has a large number of game player, travel search charts showing high during Baidu page, let us have a detailed evaluation of the next game.

Wartume is a play of relatively complex game, role playing and war strategy combines the game on the game’s new system puts forward very high requirements. It should be said that new system Wartune do is very good, the game tutorial for a long period of time, but through the match reasonably appear all sorts of play time, game player will not feel tired.

The cosplay and war strategy like a combination of gameplay is Wartune’s best features, game player not only need to develop your character, but also need to upgrade their own city, by recruiting soldiers with their own strength to fight.

This would seem to need to recruit soldiers and heroes now many war strategy game, just a hero in Wartune by the game player will play dear person.

Although Wartune has the innovation in the mode of the game, but the game role action lower frames to game player is not a good first impression, impression 3.5.

Static picture of Wartune performance is very perfect, both characters and scenes in every tree and bush are portrayed most incisive.But the Wartune in a dynamic picture of the performance is not satisfactory, card gets role action more obvious, especially in the copy, the role of movement will make people looked very uncomfortable.

Wartune game picture using realistic painting style, which like many war strategy. More unique is Wartune characters, the use of 3D to 2D technology, the game characters very lifelike, Make the character replacement effect is also true, it also gives the dynamic game player who collect more advanced equipment, which is rare in the Webpage Game in.


It can be seen that the Wartune picture is carefully made, the picture also has some clever design, but if there is a strict requirement of the players can still find Wartune picture of disadvantages of the picture, picture 3.5.

Each scene in a Wartune will have different music, music styles, it should be said that “the Divine Comedy” in the musical variety show very well. At the same time, Wartune music is very good, in the war strategy game mode, background music is actually a quality.In the copy of the music in the cosplay and a funny sense of mystery, and difficult and so valuable is the game player, even if long time listening fatigue this background music will not produce the sense of hearing, visible quality of the background music is very high.

But the sound performance of Wartune compared with the music to some of the poor, although the game also contains rich sound, but this sound level really should not belong to launch a 2011 at the end of the Webpage Game.

The Wartune sound performance is not ideal, but at least to ensure sound and rich, “the Divine Comedy” the background music on the performance is more perfect, music and sound 4.

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Legend Knight-Hero Trial

Unlocked at level 40

1. Click Hero Trial icon

2. You have 3 attempts to challenge Hero Trial every day. Click the Hero Trial button at the bottom center to challenge.


1. Players can challenge the dungeon three times daily.

2. The higher the player’s lvl, the more dungeons you can challenge.

The higher the dungeon lvl, the better the rewards you will receive.

3. Killing Rewards: rewards for killing monsters and bosses.

4. Clearing Rewards: dungeon rewards are based on your performance.

5. Players can revive for free one time. VIPs can buy revival attempts based on their VIP lvl.

Rewards: You can preview the clearing rewards, killing rewards and total rewards for the specific level.


Use manual control and choose skills wisely because it can mean different results.

The Legend Knight Official Website:

Stallion Race Breed Center

l  General information

In need of a better horse? Or do you want an addition to your horse family?

The breed center can help!

l  Interface

There’s a few things that need to be explained before you start breeding.

As Notice the, the first horse isn’t a stallion or a mare, but instead says Gelding. This means the horse has beencastrated, and cannot breed.

If your horse is doing a commercial activity, you will see: Show. This means that this horse currently can NOT breed or participate in racing.

Stallions can only breed until they are 10 years old.Mares, on the other hand, can always breed, no matter their age.

Notice the 6 available spots on the left. You can have a maximum of 6 horses, but you will need to upgrade your Stable to unlock more spots.

At the top right, notice the the market. These horses are all NPC stallions. The market refreshes every 30 minutes, or you can refresh it immediately by using vouchers or credits.

At the bottom right, underneath the word items, there are cards. These cards can be obtained by going on holidays and then reporting horses in the museum. With these cards, you can upgrade your foals stats, their track adaptability, their growth-type, or their race-type.

l  Start breeding

When you start breeding, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Always make sure that you have a mare. If you retire your one and only mare, you will not be able to breed any more, since the market only provides stallions.
  2. Both the mare and the stallion will have an influence on the foal’s starting power. The higher the parents power, the higher your foal’s power will be.
  3. Stallions MUST be under the age of 10. The market will only provide Stallions that are less than 10 years old. Any of your own Stallions that have passed this age can no longer be used in breeding.
  4. The horses power has absolutely NOTHING to do with the chance of getting a better color. The chance of getting a better color (purple or even gold) is only increased by using horses with good colors. This doesnot mean that if you breed 2 gold horsesyou are certain to get a gold horse, however, it only increases your chances. Breeding an incredible or legendary horse is all about luck! All you can do is increase your luck a bit.
  5. Finally, you need to plan breeding. It takes 12 hours for a foal to be born, and while the mare is pregnant she is unable to participate in any other activities. You may, however, use a “breed card”, to have your mare give birth instantly.

Alright let’s look at an example.

Here I chose my legendary mare, and Kahal, a rare NPC stallion from the market.

You see with both horses’ strategy is Follow. This means that your foal will definitely be a Follow-type horse as well, though you can change this with the use of horse cards obtained from the museum.

You can use up to three different cards per breeding, but each must be from a different group. You can NOT use two cards for track adaptibility, or twothat increase stats.

Notice the ‘Luck Card’slot. There are three types of luck cards.

The Cherud Cardincreases the success rate of breeding by 20%.

The Angel Card increases the success rate of breeding by 50%.

The Archangel Card increases the success rate of breeding by 80%.

Notice the ‘Gold Cost’ at the bottom. Using superior horses will increase the cost of breeding.

If you are part of a Club, you and your fellow members can study breeding in the S&T section. My’Club Boost’ is ‘x40%’. This will increase the basic success rate by 40%. Here the Success Rate is 37%, but for simplicities sake let’s pretend it’s 50%. Your Club Boost will increase the Success Rate by 40% of this 50%.

50% X 40% = 20%

So your Success Rate, without a card,

50% + 20% = 70%

would be 70%.

Note: The breeding Success Rate has absolutely nothing to do with the color or power of the horses. If you fail to breed, you will lose all the cards used!

Upgrading the breeding center also increases the Success Rate!



If you want to know more, please check out the official Stallion Race website at

Sword Saga – White Christmas Eve and Have a wonderful Christmas with Crystal Deer

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.

Sword Saga Merry Christmas!

Every year while we happily celebrate Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is working hard to make our wishes come true! This year, he will come to Sword Saga – Best Browser RPG Game to celebrate Christmas Eve with everyone!

Santa has gifts for every player this Christmas! You can receive one of the following items: Gold, Moose Puzzle, Magic Oatmeal or Level 1 Gem Chest. If you are lucky, you may even receive Magic Snowflake, Mount Card Chest I, Mount Card Chest II, Mount Card Chest III or Moose Card! Santa will give you gifts every hour. Remember to claim them!

A Magic Snowflake is very magical gift. If you use it, it will snow and special monsters and plants will appear! Collect the plants and defeat the monsters toget amazing rewards!

You can get one of the following rewards: Gem Potion, Gold, Moose Puzzle, Mount Card Chest I, Magic Oatmeal, Level 1 Gem Chest, Training Book and Exquisite Gift.

Sword Saga Introduction

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.

Background Story

5,000 years ago, Lady Isirana defeated the Demon Army, sealing them deep into the mountains, but she paid great cost, as she transformed into the mines. Now, the story forgotten, the greedy humans are drilling deep mines into the mountains, and the Demons have found their way out. Heroes and Mercenaries will find themselves into a war they never asked for.

Have a wonderful Christmas with Crystal Deer

Christmas has come. People are gathering around the Christmas Tree in the center of Thoma Hord to hold a Christmas party. They are all dressed up. Some wear the most popular Fashions of Christmas, some come on Reindeers. But the Crystal Deer catches is the most attractive attention of this party. Its skin shimmers like crystal and it brightens the Christmas Tree.

Open the Christmas Mount Chest and you will have the chance to obtain a Crystal Deer. In this chest, you may also obtain one of the followings: Golden Snowflake, Gold, Magic Oatmeal, Magic Shard, Mount Card Chest I, Mount Card Chest II and Mount Card Chest III. The Christmas Mount Chest is on sale in the Shop. It only costs 35 Balens. Don’t miss the chance!

You can also collect Golden Snowflakes to exchange them for a Crystal Deer. Golden Snowflakes and White Snowflakes together can be used to get a Mount Card Chest I, Mount Card Chest II, Mount Card Chest III and Mount Card Chest IV. Open the Mount Card Chest and you can obtain rare Mounts like Holy Light, Gullfaxi, Infinite Hope, Flame etc, even the mysterious Christmas Mount Shadow Deer.

Gather your allies, the battle begins!

Gather your allies, the battle begins!

Sword Saga Official Site:

Lair Hunter in TitansRise II

It is said that only the true brave warriors can get the rare treasures in the dragon caves. If you want to be on top of Atlantis, you have to equip yourself and fight against the dragons.

Now, TitansRise II brings you a new way of hunting treasures in mysterious dragon caves. Once you level up to Lvl. 30+, you can enjoy the Lair Hunter to get luxurious rewards with Bound Diamo or Diamo.

Are you curious about how to join it? Just check the following introductions:

1. Open the Lair Hunter interface

Please click the Lair Hunter icon in the top right corner.

2. Choose a dragon cave to start treasure hunting after you open the corresponding interface.

3. You can check what other players get in Lair Hunter on the display window on the right side.

4. Click to choose how many times you want to hunt the treasures.

5. After the treasure hunt is over, you may check temporary bag for the items that you obtain.

6. You can double click the reward to pick it up directly or click the button of “Collect All” to get all rewards directly. You can also pick up the rewards selectively.

Legendary Gears and various items in Marketplace can be looted from Lair Hunter. It is a fast way to increase your Combat Power.

Anyway, you can check all events once you enter the game by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. If you want to know more about us, you can check this link on Youtube.

Welcome to join the battle feast in TitansRise II with your friends!


TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.




Official website:

Wartune Facebook Gift Box is coming!2

Have you sent any gifts to your friends yet, today?


1. Press “Gift Box” on the navigation bar.

2. Gift Box will be unlocked at level 5.

3. You can send gifts to up to 5 Facebook friendsper day, and will receive the same gift yourself.

4. You can receive up to 5 gifts from your friends every day.

5. Gifts will be reset every day at 05:00.

Can you guess where you can get the latest news about Wartune, besides the official website and the Facebook fan page? That’s right,on Twitter! Wartunejoined Twitter inDecember, 2014! For the latest Wartune news and for the chance to interact with lots of other players, please follow our Twitter account! @Wartune_Online

Invitefriends to get fantastic rewards! The more friends that accept, the more rewards you get!


1. Invite Facebook friends will be unlocked at level 16.

2. The more friends that accept your invitation, the more rewards you will get!

3. A successful invite counts when your friend reaches level 9.

4. You will receive even more rewards when your friends reach level 20, 30 and 50.

5. Click “Invite Facebook Friends” on the left of the UI to start.




Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing any comments you may have to share!

Wartune Official Website:

Divine Challenge in TtiansRise II

Each descendant of God helps Immortals to eliminate the evils as his duty. “Divine Challenge” in TitansRise II offers you a chance to help Immortals. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Try your best to get the reputation of Gods’ Leader by insisting on completing the Divine Challenge every day!

Now, let me introduce “Divine Challenge” to you:

1. Players of Lvl.25+ can enter the challenge by clicking “Divine” icon in the bottom right corner of the game interface.

2. Enter the level as you can or challenge the level you have completed again by clicking the corresponding “Enter” button.

3. There are 10 attempts every day. When your “Challenges of today” became 0, you can’t enter the Divine Challenge any more, but you can add attempts of Divine Challenge by clicking “Increase” in blue.

4. You can check your common rewards of each level by moving your mouse to the corresponding level icon.

5. You can open the Treasure Box to get rewards after passing the corresponding level. (You can open one Treasure Box aftercompleting one level. If you are Lv6+ VIP(Lv6 VIP is included), you can open two Treasure Boxes after completing one level. If you got the highest score in this level on the current sever, you can have one more chance to open the Treasure Box.)

6. You can quit it by clicking the “End challenge” button in the Reward interface or clicking “ End challenge” button of the prompt box in the right.

Hope you enjoy! If you want to know more wonderful and fantastic features, just enter TitansRise II by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. TitansRise II will never let you be alone and we still want to give you surprise and happiness! We have different events per week. Don’t be hesitate, go enjoy TitansRise with your friends! TitansRise will be your best choice in leisure time!




TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.

TitansRise Official website:

Legend Knight – Hall of Heroes

As the resting place for the most heroic souls, the Hall of Heroes has built a mighty Hero Regiment under the lead of the Gods. Heroes as the God of Gods, the Magic Banshee, the Lord of War or the Arch Wizard lie here with their Warrior Armies. Only the most powerful warrior will become their ally.

After reaching level 80 and clearingthe Infernal King in the Chapter 4: Elf Forest, the icon of the Hall of Heroes will appear in your UI.

You can get 5 free dungeon challenge attempts every day.You can buy an extra attempt for 100 Balensor Bound Balens. You’ll have to defeat all the subordinates if you want to challenge the Heroes. You can get Gold and EXP Wines after clearing each round. Remember to Blitz the levels you already completed to get more rewards!

The items required for upgrading the Hero into a Red Recruiting Hero can be found in the Hall of Heroes.But challenging the Hall of Heroes is not easy; boost your Battle Rating first if you want to get a mighty Hero!

With the items in Hall of Heroes, you can recruit the purple hero directly which can be immediately put into your formation and play an important role!

Heroes, God of Gods, ArchWizard, Flame Goddess and other high quality heroes can only be recruited with the items from Hall of Heroes. So Hall of Heroes is almost the only way to get the high quality heroes. What are you guys waiting for?

Attention: When you have defeated the enemy, you can use Blitz to get the rewards in the second time. So, when you lose in the Hall of Heroes, don’t give up and try again, sometimes you may need some luck to clear it.

The Legend Knight Official Website: