Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war. Different from most of the other games, Sword Saga has unlimited skill combinations for players to decide as they wish. Apart from that, the way how a player arranges his troop formation is so important that it sometimes can decide the difference between winning and losing.

Sword Saga Blacksmith

Click the Blacksmith icon at the bottom to open the Blacksmith pane.


Mount the equipment to be enchanted and you will see the Gold required for enchantment on the left and materials required on the right.

Success rate of enchantment is always 100%.


Socket Gems to build up Battle Rating. The potential Gem sockets on different equipment varies.

Click Open Socket to spend specified number of Socketing Rod to open a socket.


You can synthesize equipment and other useful items using Gold and specified materials.

You can learn recipes from Recipe Shop by spending Gold.


Recycle equipment to undo the synthesis and receive materials.


It will cost Gold to convert between different Gems.

Use Gem Potions to choose the target Gem of conversion.

Sword Saga Astro

You can capture all kinds of Astrals in Astro. You can boost Battle Rating by equipping with Astrals.

1. There are four types of Astrals: green, blue, purple and orange (in order of quality). The better the Astrals, the smaller the chance to capture them.

2. You can engulf other Astrals to upgrade the Astrals you want. Astrals can boost your Battle Rating.

Sword Saga Dracoguis

It costs Starmoon Crystal to upgrade Dracoguis to boost Endurance, Attack, PDEF, MDEF, Crit and Block. When you upgrade Dracoguis, both you and players around you will receive EXP.

Sword Saga Coalition


Once Coalition Depot is unlocked, you can put your items in the depot. It’s available for all Coalition members.

Wishing Well

Make wishes in front of the Wishing Well to receive useful items.

Consume a certain amount of contribution to make a wish. The level of Wishing Well decides your wish attempts.



It costs some contribution to train Coalition skills. Train different skills to boost Attack, PDEF, MDEF, Endurance, Crit, Block, Parry, Pierce and so on. The higher the Coalition skill level you reach, the more the stats boost.


Consume contribution to buy Gems, Potions and other useful items in Coalition Shop.


If you want to know more, please pay attention to our Sword Saga Official Website: http://www.swordsaga.com


Legion Supremacy in TitansRise II

Look! A lovely girl in a seductive dress is seizing the treasure by riding a golden bird. What is she doing? The mysterious place is full of treasure. Where is it? Is there any secret there?

Oh, I see, it’s Fight For Material in TitansRise II. That’s right! Descendants of God, are you tired of the boring calm in TitansRise II? Don’t worry, a new Legion battle event is sweeping over TitansRise II! Just seize the Legion Materials from other enemies. The more Legion Materials you contributed to your Legion, the more prizes you will get. What are you waiting for? Hurry up to join with your legion members!


Besides, you can also buy the Legion Material Pack or Legion Token in the Marketplace to contribute your legion in a fast way. Tell you a tip, you can get 10 times Diamo that you spend in the Legion Material Pack if you have enough luck! It’s the time to try your luck, don’t miss the chance! If you want more exciting event, just try the Lucky Wheel! There are many golorious items in the wheel and you may even get all Diamo in the wheel if you were the next lucky guy!

Except for the legion event ,you can also challenge the instance in the game every day to power up yourself and get more excellent rewards! Obviously, TitansRise II will never let you be alone and we still want to give you a fantastic and wonderful world!



You can check all events once you enter the game by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. We have different events per week. Don’t be hesitate, just enjoy TitansRise with your friends! TitansRise will be your best choice in leisure time!


TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.


Titans Rise Official Website: http://www.titansrise.com/