Amazing anniversary events are launching on the Wartune Facebook fan page!

Wartune is about to celebrate its 3rd birthday! Over the past three years, many Lords have witnessed the Wartune’s steady growth. We’d like to thank you for the kind support you have shown for the past 3 years. Right before Wartune’s 3rd birthday we’re launching some amazing events on the Wartune Facebook fan page, which will include giving away some special Wartune T-shirts we’ve prepared for you. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and head to our fan page, take part in the events and get some awesome rewards!


Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments again!

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Legend Knight-Archangel

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

The Archangel is the envoy of heaven who is powerful enough to destroy everything.

Attack Growth: 12.000

HP Growth: 6.500

Speed Growth: Quick

Holy Sword (Active Skill)

Attacks random front row target and causes 3000 extra damage.

Angelic Halo (Active Skill)

Attack all front row targets, dealing 3000 extra damage and ignore DEF.

Crit Skill (Passive Skill)

Passive skill. Increase Crit rate by 15%.

Mage Potency (Passive Skill)

Passive skill. Boosts MATK by 10% and there is a 10% chance to cancel the skill CD.


Cost 50 Fairy·Archangel to recruit purple Archangel


Cost 50 Psyche of Archangel to upgrade hero to red.


And the Archangel is not the normal 5-Star hero, with the specific rare items, he can upgrade to 6-Star or even 7-Star.

Cost 100 Essence of Archangel to upgrade 5-Star Archangel to 6-Star.


Cost 100 Spirit of Archangel to upgrade 6-Star Archangel to 7-Star.


The rare items above can only be claimed by the events which will hold irregularly, so if you meet this chance, don’t miss it.

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!
To find out more check out the Legend Knight official  Website at


DDTank Mobile Strikes This June

300,000,000 people have played the epic trajectory shooter, DDTank, and now its finally made its mobile debut on iOS and Android! Show off your fashion, charge into battle, and join your friends against epic bosses. Cute can be deadly!


Real-time Guild vs. Guild battles in your hands! Experience the thrill of conquering enemy teams in multiplayer PvP!

DDTank Mobile’s interfaces have been carefully designed to keep the original charm of  DDTank while optimizing user experience – interacting with other players has never been simpler, and the battles have never been more dynamic. Competition and challenge modes have also been modified from 4v4 to 3v3 to accommodate new players and to guarantee reduced wait times.

The classic Totem System returns with all-new features and a simplified interface.


In the original DDTank you can obtain Honor by participating in epic battles against World Bosses, Honor which can be used to upgrade Totems to near godly strength. In DDTank Mobile, there are three new types of Totems: Attack, Defense and Luck. Each can be upgraded by joining in Totem Dungeons, which are open all day, every day. Players don’t have to worry about when they’ll be able to join, or watch their friends surpass them because they can’t play at the right time. They just need to join in and upgrade their Totems by defeating the monstrous World Bosses!


The Pearl System has also been updated to offer a faster, less complicated experience. Now, each character has six Pearl Holes which will be unlocked as their level increases. Players will be able to spend both Gold and Vouchers to collect Pearls!

Adorable combat and thrilling gameplay, what are you waiting for? Join the magical world of DDTank now! For more information, please follow the DDTank Mobile Facebook Fan Page:


A Very Zeus Age Round-Up

The Zeus Age Video Extravaganza is drawing to an end, and we’d like to look back at everything that has happened in the last couple of months.


First and foremost, we filmed our major videos! Filming took a full 16 hour day. The crew woke up bright and early to get themselves to the first set at 8:00 a.m., ate their breakfasts, and we started work.

Victory! Was the first film, located in a spooky-looking abandoned warehouse. Our actors and crew were brave though, and we had quite a few laughs.


After 4 hours of filming, the crew moved to the next set, Proficient City’s very own offices. We lugged along our chainsaw and started destroying stuff.


At 7:00 p.m. we headed to the final set, a quaint little apartment in a nearby town. Here we filmed ‘Family’, which one of our very own staff members starred in. Don’t worry, we think he looked ridiculous as well.

Z4  Z5

After all the excitement of a professional filming, we decided to have some fun – a couple of our employees made themselves some of the worst cosplay you’ll ever see. It’s amazing the quality of video you can get with an iPhone, though.


A few of our players also tried their hands at cosplay, and did a much better job than our staff.

We also had some employees and players show off their Photoshop skills by dressing up our video’s characters and even their own pets! At least we hope they Photoshopped the hamster.


While all this excitement was happening, the techies were hard at work on a new version, which included all new characters and the new ‘Ancient’ battle mode. There’s plenty more updates to come, and we’re always improving the game, so keep on playing!

Our social media staff also had some fun with contests. Players guessed which of a group of characters was the real one, others got their friends to play Zeus Age, and we reached 22,000 Likes on Facebook.

We truly appreciate everyone who participated in our extravaganza! We loved seeing your costumes, we’re glad you watched our videos, and we look forward to a lot more exciting Zeus Age events!

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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The Zeus Age Video Extravaganza Draws to An End

Proficient City’s Zeus Age videos are finally ready! ‘Family’, ‘The Office’, and ‘Victory!’ are available on our Youtube channel, or you can check them out on Facebook. There’s six videos in total, a 15 second and a 30 second version of each, for players and non-players alike to enjoy. The videos have been a fantastic success, and we’ll definitely be doing more of the same in the future… especially the cosplay videos.


There’s a lot of people we’d like to thank and if we miss anyone, we’re truly sorry. First of all the video crews put a lot of effort into making sure the videos were the best they could be. I don’t even know how many changes we asked them to make, but they never batted an eye. Our arts team made a lot of beautiful images, our cosplayers put on a great show, our social media team got the word out, and our marketing crew did a lot of grunt work. We appreciate the hard work that everyone put in.

We’d also like to thank everyone who participated in the events. You made pictures, dressed up in costumes, decorated cakes and then didn’t share any with us:(. Just jokes! It was all wonderful and we were both touched and excited by your enthusiasm.


Most of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has played and loved Zeus Age. If it wasn’t for the hours you wiled away leveling up characters, unlocking new gods, and powering up your spells, all our efforts would be for nothing. We hope that you enjoyed the videos, the cosplay and the contests and we promise that there will be a whole lot more fun in the future. Thanks for playing Zeus Age, Heroes!



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The Zeus Age Character-Character Match-Up

The Zeus Age videos are about to be released, and in celebration we at Proficient City decided to choose which of the video characters are most like which of the game characters. Some staff chose based off of looks, some chose off of skills, and some chose the werewolf because nothing messes with a werewolf.


We decided Fenrir is most similar to the boss. Nothing can stand up against his Wild Strike, he tears that frontline attacker to shreds. The occasional Demon Claw to slow down enemy Casting Speed, and increased Crit and Attack from Bloodthirst and Enrage, leave Fenrir’s enemies…well…shreds of meat. Ancient, divine meat. Compare that to a chainsaw-wielding psychotic boss? I think you get my point.

Next in our battle formation we have the the screaming lady. You’ll recognize her from the eardrum-shattering shriek she let loose. (Fun fact, she’s also the chainsaw guy’s real-life wife!) Her fear doesn’t much reflect Athena’s personality, but those pipes! She could scream her way into Hades and back out again with no more trouble than Cerberus stopping long enough to bury its head. It’s almost like it would cause some amount of damage over a prolonged duration of time…much like…Battle Blade! Her scream also shows she’s a team player, much like Athena’s War Blessing.


Finally we have the handsome hero. Which Zeus Age character has his divine good looks? Which can embody the innocence and purity that shines through him? Why, none other than the perfectly righteous (totally) Archangel Michael. Our video’s hero must have some sort of godly Protection or an Angel’s Blessing to keep him safe from that psycho boss, and Holy Light can heal the wounds and Drive Away the pain that his boss eventually (and obviously) causes him.


What do you think? Did we match them up right? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and check out the rest of the videos!

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Zeus Age’s Ultimate Video Collection Is Ready For Release

After an antagonizing wait and mountains of anticipation, the Zeus Age videos are finally ready! What are you in store for? There’s only two ways to find out. One is to watch the videos, and the other is to read on….and then watch the videos!

Are you ready to find out what happens to this guilty, but stunningly handsome, grandson? What caused this seemingly jolly old man to share such harsh words? Why is his shirt so yellow? And most importantly…why is this young man wearing such a ridiculous hat?


Then we have this intense gentleman. He’s got a message to send, and he’s excited to play Zeus Age (who isn’t really?), but why does he love it so much? Was he trapped on a desert island for months on end with nothing but canned vegetable, whole canned chickens and wifi – Zeus Age his only connection to the outside world? Was he perhaps kidnapped by ninjas at a young age, given rigorous and brutal training, until he finally escaped – and when he free he discovered the wonder that is Zeus Age and used it as a cipher to regain his humanity? Perhaps we will never know, but you can watch the video, and see if there’s any clues.


And finally we have the office-worker, who bravely faced down an Obama-wielding maniac to play the game he loves. Was it really Obama, though? What is happening in his game that is so important? Will he ever find true love? Watch the video to discover the answers to at least some of these questions!


The Zeus Age videos will be available on our official Facebook page and the Proficient City Youtube Channel as they are released. Check them out to find the solutions to all of life’s problems! (Hint: It’s Zeus Age)


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Darkstar Risen-PvP,COOL

Proficent City’s newest action RPG puts you up against the legions of hell in stunning 3D. The Demon Lord has escaped from his damned prison and summoned the infernal Darkstar. Only you have the power to defeat the Demon Lord’s demonic legions before they ravish the land you are sworn to protect, and banish the catastrophic Darkstar. Prepare your mount, don your armor and draw  our blade in this free online MMORPG.

Multiple PvP modes, amazing fighting Skills and powerful Mounts will make you live an amazing 3D experience in Darkstar Risen.


In PvP battles you can use the terrain to your advantage, strike your enemies using the right strategy and you’ll be unstoppable. Use the new Skills to deal high DPS and make your enemies surrender.

If you want to win the battle, you will have to cast your more powerful Skills. Use your time and your Skills wisely to be victorious!


You need to anticipate the enemy’s actions to cast Control Skills and Anti-control Skills at the right moment. Even if your Battle Rating is very high, you can still be defeated if you don’t learn to read your enemy!

In Darkstar Risen PvP you will need to be fast, skilled and a good strategist. Come to fight with your friends and enjoy intense and exciting battles!

Skills are your most important weapon in PvP battles. There are lots of different types of Skills: Control, Attack, Group Skills… Choose wisely which one you need to use!

PvP Skills will leave you awestruck. Cast striking, magical Skills and watch the fierce battle unravel under your command!

The battleground and environment effects will help you immerse in the battles. Use different Skills and observe the effects they cause in the battleground.

Darkstar Risen is a browser based game that will lead you to the most thrilling and fierce battles you have never seen before. Join Darkstar Risen and fight in PvP!

Death and glory are all that await you in Darkstar Risen, Asias best new 3D action-RPG. The world’s last bastion of hope stands at the brink of ruin. Those who have not been slain have gathered here, and rely on you for salvation. They will fight with you, forge your armor and weapons, and heal your wounds, but they cannot face they Demon King - you alone have the power. 2015’s underdog fantasy MMORPG is available free online. Darkness has risen.

To find out more check out the official Darkstar Risen Website and Facebook.

The Darkstar Risen Website:




DDTank Mobile is Coming Soon!

DDTank Mobile, the only authorized mobile version of DDTank, will be launched this May as one of the most expected turn-based shooting games of 2015 for IOS and Android.

Grafted From Smash Hit Browser Game. the Classic DDTank Legend Continues!!
DDTank Mobile is the first real-time, competitive shooter mobile game of its kind. The games offers offline and online modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and instant multiplayer action with players from across the globe.


DDTank mobile preserves the basic features of the browser version, but offers you a new way to enjoy the game in a smooth and fluid experience.

It maintains the same challenge system, Checkpoints and features. Players will be able to meet with familiar enemies, activities, EQP and systems. But DDTank Mobile has also developed new functions, simplified complicated contents and optimized the appearance and design of the game.

Meanwhile mobile version maintains the original interfaces now optimized for mobile devices. It simplifies features and offers a faster loading time. The offline mode will be especially useful for users with network connection issues.

[Inheriting the basic features of the browser version]

Focusing in design and playability, DDTank has achieved a great reputation internationally. DDTank Mobile implements DDTank’s features and unique style, and allows players to experience the game again in a new way.


[New Game Modes] Mobile games face many challenges when adapting to different devices. But DDTank mobile version breaks the traditional game experience and offers offline PVE and online PVP modes. Players now can not only still play offline, but also get online to challenge other players.


DDT Academy and the Labyrinth are the new features available in DDTank. In DDT Academy, you can play Classic Battle Rivals, Challenge Training and Survival Mode. And in the Labyrinth you will find lots of new dungeons to challenge. Both can be played offline and have points as rewards. The points received can be used to exchange for items and Chests online!

Now Join the Best Shooting Web Game, here is DDTank2 Official Website:

For more information, please follow DDTank Mobile Facebook Fan Page:

Zeus Age’s League Battle Ultimate Challenge

Zeus Age is excited to announce the League Battle Ultimate Challenge! World Bosses can be a lot of fun, there’s a certain joy in teaming up with players throughout your server, but nothing can match the excitement of crushing another player into the dirt.


World Bosses lack variety. Once you’ve discovered the pattern, the correct assembly of units, skills, and items to be victorious, then fighting loses its savor and becomes a chore. Attack, defeat, collect reward, repeat. Killing zombies is a lot more fun than being one.


Zeus Age’s League Battles add the glory of randomness into the fight. Even if you were to challenge the same player day after day, you would never know how they’ve assembled their team. Yesterday they used nothing but heavy-hitters, so today you decide to stock up on the defense, but oh no! Now their team is more balanced, and it’s a whole new challenge.

Being on the defense leaves you with the same mind-games. Will you choose Leviathan for his stun skill, on do you want a front-liner that does a bit more damage. Have they recently nerfed Fenrir, or does he still have his brutal swipe attack?


League Battles do away with the need for World Bosses. One League stands supreme, and they reap the benefits of their superiority. They have to stay in one their toes, though. One slip and a new League might take the title, and rob them of their dominance (and bonus rewards).

Cross-server Battles add to the excitement. You and your friend accidentally joined different servers? You never know if you might one day meet them in battle!

Zeus Age’s League Battles are the most exciting way to join the fight! Pick your favorite gods, heroes, and monsters, choose a strategy, and lead your League to victory!

Check out our Facebook page:

Twitter account: @PCL_ZeusAge

If you haven’t played yet you can download Zeus Age from the App Store or Google Play!